Language tools/Language Team Plan/Maven Handbook


Language Maven - Help Document[edit]

This page contains information that would can be used by the Language Maven to get started with their activities. This is the beginning of a bigger document that will be compiled into a Handbook. The Handbook will also be made available in a downloadable/printable format.


Things You Could Help With[edit]

  • Give feedback about bugs for a language you understand
  • Test new input methods and fonts
  • File bugs about language issues that you find
  • Talk to other people to find any problems that they are facing while using language resources
  • Help them file bugs for problems
  • Assist them on how to use the tools
  • Participate in the Wikimedia Office hours and Bug days
  • Write guest blogs on the Wikimedia blog
  • Add input methods or fonts that you know would make for better support for languages
  • Help us by finding information about the License, source and other information about new input methods or fonts
  • Let us know of any changes in standards for your language that may affect the current tools
  • Help new participants in the Maven program
  • Suggest ways to make internationalization support for Mediawiki and Wikimedia even better

Inventory of Tools & Extensions[edit]

  • Fonts and Text:
  • i18n rules
  • Language Configuration and Search
  • Translation