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How can we specify which pages we want to appear in random, and not allow certain pages to appear in random?

This article suggests using Special:Random/Category but how does it know the difference between your category name or a namespace?

Special:Random/Category:Name is no help.

example) Random Help page will not give me a random page from the help category.

Random pages from categories[edit]

We would like to specify a set of categories from which the random page would be selected. We have organized our wiki around categories and not namespaces. We want to display random pages from the categories that contain our user's pages.

  • I would like to exclude certain categories. For example we run a band Wiki and would like for random page to not include category:tour dates

Is this possible?

Random pages from Language[edit]

I believe it would be best if the DEFAULT behavior of the Random Page would take the user to a random page of their selected default language. At the least, having this as an option would very helpful.