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You can type in the Pinyin with tone marks (aka. diacritic/accent)!

لتفعيلها، افعل التالي:

  1. Click the search box at the top of the page.
  2. Click the little keyboard icon that appears near the search box.
  3. If "中文" appears at the top of the list, select "拼音符号输入法".
  4. If "中文" doesn't appear at the top of the list, do the following:
    1. Click "..." at the bottom of the list. A panel will appear.
    2. Find "中文" in the panel. Click it.
    3. Click the little keyboard icon again, and select "拼音符号输入法".

To disable this special keyboard and go back to type usually, click the little keyboard icon and then click "Use native keyboard", or press Ctrl+M. To re-enable the Chinese Pinyin keyboard, repeat the steps listed above.

To type Pinyin consonants, type the corresponding Latin letter. For example, to type zh in zhōngwén (Pinyin of 中文), type z and h.

To type Pinyin vowels, type the corresponding Latin letter, replacing ü with v. Alternative spelling iou, uei and uen will be replaced by standard spelling iu, ui and un respectively.

To type this letter... Type these keyboard keys:
a a
o o
e e
i i
u u
ü v

To type Pinyin with tones, type the vowel first, followed by the tone number, with 1 for yīnpíng, 2 for yángpíng, 3 for shǎng and 4 for qù.

To type this letter... Type these keyboard keys:
ā a1
á a2
ǎ a3
à a4
a a

To type the syllable-dividing mark, type the apostrophe (').

Here are some examples (this list is not exhaustive):

To type this Pinyin... Type these keyboard keys: Alternatively, type these keyboard keys:
wén wen2 we2n
huà hua4
liú liu2 liou2
ju jv ju
xiào xiao4 xia4o
jv1 ju1
wǎng wang3 wa3ng