Help:Tutte le pagine

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Tutte le pagine è una pagina speciale che elenca tutte le pagine del wiki, filtrate opzionalmente dal namespace, e delimitate da un titolo iniziale e finale (in ordine alfabetico).

Questa caratteristica è accessibile da Special:AllPages. The page results are not adjustable in the Preferences.


This special page can be transcluded. An optional unnamed parameter can be passed after a / character; by default, this value is used for the from parameter, which delimits the start of the listing to all pages whose titles come after the given string (in alphabetical order).


If the unnamed parameter matches an existing namespace name in the wiki, and ends with a colon, the value is used for the namespace parameter instead:


Furthermore, if text is added after the colon, it is used as the from parameter:


The following parameters change the behavior of the output and may be specified at the end, separated by pipe (|) symbols:

parametro tipo di valore descrizione
from string Start of the page listing (in alphabetical order)
to string End of the page listing (in alphabetical order)
namespace string Restrict the results to the named namespace
hideredirects string Hide redirects in the page listing