Growth/Release Timeline


This page attempts to track notable changes on production and releases by the Growth team. Detailed project updates can be found here. Release timeline for 2022 calendar year can be found here. Feel free to jump in and add anything missing!

We use the 🎂 emoji to mark releases the team feels are worth celebrating. Consider also announcing these in #release-announcements channel on WMF's Slack.

Dates should reflect a date the change went into production and generally correspond with that week's deployment train.


Date Title Cake-worthy?
2023.04.12 Deploy "add a link" to 7th round of wikis 🎂
2023.03.27 MediaWiki:GrowthMentors.json: Add a write-only username field
2023.03.22 Leveling Up: Start experiment for Leveling up on Growth Pilot wikis (ar, bn, cs, es) 🎂
2023.03.16 Add a link: prioritize suggestions of underlinked articles: scale to all wikis
2023.02.28 Enable Growth features by default on test and
2023.02.22 Publish frontend docs to
2023.02.22 Personalized praise: backend data and logic for the new mentor dashboard module 🎂
2023.02.07 Leveling up: Define feature flag for gating the functionality
2023.02.07 Post-structured mentor list cleanup
2023.01.30 Thank You Pages: custom account creation pages for sv, it, ja, fr, nl