This page is a translated version of the page Git-remote-mediawiki and the translation is 40% complete.


  • すべての履歴を含むMediaWikiインスタンスの オフラインのテキストを読みこみます。
  • ローカル編集でWikiを「超高速」に変更し、「プッシュ」コマンドを使用して同期します。
  • Delete pages and remove spam without having to dishearteningly see the spam on your live wiki.

It might be for you if:

  • Your wiki is not enormous (at the moment, it scales poorly when a wiki has >1000 pages) or you want to edit only a small set of pages or categories.
  • You like the idea of seeing all the pages in your wiki as files on your computer.
  • You are interested in/willing to use command-line tools to interact with your wiki
  • It's especially fun if you are a big git addict.