Frontend standards group/2014-10-31-Weekly



  • Jons patch has been merged (now possible to ship `templates` from backend to frontend as raw html)
    • Next step - vanilla mustache patch
  • OOUI - mostly writting tests




  • Easier to move libraries in and out of core.
  • Helps chisel away at complexity and distill MediaWiki to essentials.
  • Allow for greater local autonomy.

Javascript package management for mediawiki/core.git[edit]

  • Should we or should we not have package management for javascript?


  • Auto-upgrade minor versions (if we want to).
  • Makes the correct way to contribute to external libraries more discoverable.


  • Upstream packages have no clear agreement on which package manager to use (we'd have to maintain a far number of ports no matter which we use).
  • Contrary to PHP land, there is no autoloader. We have to register them manually into ResourceLoader file-by-file and be very careful to detect changes in versions and update our module declaration (can't be automated since bower has no concept of separate modules, languageScripts, css files etc.)
  • Except for very few, our kind of modules tend to not be exported but use global scope. That's how the web is at the moment. No amd/require/CommonJS. Using a package manager doesn't change that.


Next steps: Bd808 will involve the front end standards group in review of the PHP library extraction and re-introduction processes with a goal of developing a unified standard that is agreeable for both lanaguages.

Parking lot[edit]

What's the status of the icon library / icon work?

  • RL module hasn't changed much since the last meeting
  • Clear idea of where its going
  • Implemenation will take a week
    • Either Trevor or Bartosz (likley both)
  • Trevor has been working with May and Monte to get the font export into SVG files
    • Made sure they were sane, organized, etc
    • Now passed off to May


[jquery-devs-team] bower / npm (Future of Plugins Site)