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Front-end standards group

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The Front-end Standards Group is a space, facilitated by the Wikimedia Foundation, to discuss and collaborate on topics related to front-end development.


  1. Aim for consistent technologies and techniques across projects by introducing, implementing, and disseminating new standards and technologies.
  2. Improve development efficiency, velocity, and experience by sharing our work, tools, and knowledge, and by pushing to improve our development ecosystem.
  3. Solve common problems by providing a space for wider discussion across teams.


How to join[edit]

Anyone at the Wikimedia Foundation or Wikimedia Deutschland who is interested or involved in front-end work can join. To be added to the events, contact Anne Tomasevich (atomasevich@wikimedia.org), who is temporarily filling in for Volker.

Time and date[edit]

Meetings are held every other Wednesday, alternating between:

  • 16:00 - 16:50 UTC (15:00 - 15:50 UTC during USA daylight savings time). We typically discuss Vue.js topics at this time slot.
  • 19:00 - 19:50 UTC (18:00 - 18:50 UTC during USA daylight savings time). We typically discuss general topics at this time slot.

Meeting notes[edit]

Notes are taken in the Front-end Standards Group etherpad. Visit the meeting notes page to review notes from past meetings.


Anyone is welcome to propose a topic for a meeting! To do so, please add it to the "Topic backlog" section of the Etherpad, post it in the #front-end Slack channel, or contact Anne (atomasevich@wikimedia.org), who is temporarily filling in for Volker.

Ideas for topics:

  • Presentations and demos: Show what you're working on or a recently completed project. Can be informal and quick (5-15 minutes). Examples:
    • Something cool you built or some interesting code you wrote
    • A problem you solved that might apply to other projects
    • A spectacular failure that we can all learn from
  • Tech talks: Share your knowledge about a topic you think might interest or help others. Can be informal and quick (5-15 minutes). Examples:
    • Introduction to an emerging technology or new tool we might adopt at Wikimedia
    • Something you think everyone should know (like accessibility or internationalization knowledge)
    • How to solve a common problem when working in our ecosystem
  • Proposals: Propose a new standard or tool or revive a stalled proposal from the past. Examples:
    • Tool standardization or migration
    • Infrastructure changes
    • Code conventions
  • Discussion topics: Anything you want to discuss with the group. Examples:
    • A problem you're currently trying to solve and could use help with
    • An idea you have that you're not sure how to move forward
    • Anything else related to front-end work

History and workboard[edit]

Originally, the Front-end Standards Group consisted of representatives from different teams who met regularly to discuss and implement standardization of technologies and techniques across projects. The group's work was tracked in the Phabricator Front-end standards workboard. Though this board is not very active today, you can still use the tag to indicate that a task is related to this group's interests.

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