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Front-end standards group/2017-08-23

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Attending: Volker E., Bartosz D., Corey S., Ed, Jan, Jon, Moriel, Timo, James F.

Action & Code[edit]

New quests[edit]


Page actions should use semantic a rather than li as a button (JR) https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T142527
Ids are currently on <li> as we can't target parent elements without CSS4
Inconsistency in output HTML
Data array as solution exists in core. Override in Subclass
JR: Something to work out in Minerva not in core

Define language CSS rules in a common module shared by all skins (MS) https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T169910
(Mobile skin (Minerva) seems to lack definition for .mw-content-ltr)
JR: Minerva would be fine to load specific module or a LESS file.
MS: It's more than a variable.
These styles should be loaded regardless of skin
Minerva is already wiping out legacy modules.

Action item: MS to update task with TT's feedback. And follow-up between Minerva devs and MS on legacy module workaround.

Evaluate using `touch-action: manipulation;` (JR) https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T118509
On mobile OS there's a delay for touch actions as the mobile OS needs to differentiate between different touch like resize, double-tap and so on.
How to evaluate?
TT: Would there be metrics around a link in MobileFrontend?
JR: MobileFrontend has no metrics on links.

first :hover action to link until click

TT: Hard to evaluate automatically.
VE: Probably manual evaluation per QA as way out?!

show-hide: ref, infobox

Action item: Portals could work as a starting point as we have link metrics there.