Front-end standards group/2016-02-24


Attending: Timo, Volker E., James F., Trevor, Andrew R. G




  • VE: Success! From now on we have an 8am and a 10am meeting alternating every two weeks.

Action & Code[edit]

New quests[edit]

RFC: Section headings should have a clickable anchor (TT)

Becoming a ArchCom subteam: Yes/No? (TT, VE)
What are the consequences. If yes, let the bikshedding begin.
Timo: What about "Front-end Working Group" (FEWG, Arch-FEWG, WM-FEWG, #wikimedia-fewg ?).
Group more interested in implementing things. Adding more process might be result in less participation.
Right now, Timo is shepherding RFCs.
Timo: Shepherding is rubberstamping at the end.
James F.: What would be change the World to better through the RFC process?
TT: Better, faster process. Not saying the whole FE Dev group, but form sub-groups.
As currently participant you have to monitor the whole Architecture workboard, changing
Possible candidates Use <figure> for media API-driven web front-end Standardise JavaScript module export/import Server-side Javascript error logging
Review: 4 topics finished, 2 topics on the way