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Original files October 4, revisions October 8, further additions October 15, 2013

Normal state with no mouseover whatsoever[edit]

Normal state with no mouseover whatsoever

Other user's talkpage with no topics[edit]

New October 8

Other user's talkpage with no topics


My talkpage. No Participants
Other user's talkpage. 2 participants.
Other user's talkpage. >3 participants
Search function

Flag & summarize[edit]

Summarize/d Topic


TextField_Comment & Replies

Buttons, flyouts, colors, sizes[edit]

Buttons & Flyout

Note some of these specs update or obsolete specs in File:Agora_specs.pdf. Flow buttons are a 30px-height variant of the 35px .mw-ui-big buttons in Agora specs. Wikimedia Foundation Design/Patterns and components#New Agora states explicates the different kinds of buttons and states in here.

Color guide
Size guide

Modal overlays[edit]

Modal Overlay: Suppress Comment
Modal Overlay: Closed Topic - Start new topic
Modal Overlay: Closed Topic - Reopen and reply
Modal Overlay: Size notes

Permalink destinations for thread/comment/reply[edit]

When you followed a link to a comment/reply
When you followed a link to a thread

Flow on mobile[edit]

Flow on mobile
Sizing notes
Typography notes