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User's own talk page[edit]

0 My Talkpage Landing

Another user's talk page[edit]

1 OtherUser Talkpage Landing

Mouseover states on another user's talk page[edit]

2 OtherUser Mouseover

onClick on another user's talk page[edit]

3 OtherUser OnClick

Tangent expanded[edit]

4 Tangent expanded

Mobile view[edit]

Mobile view

Design specs[edit]

Start discussion[edit]

StartDiscussion Spec

Tangent replies and topic summarize[edit]

TangentReply Summarize Specs

Header message[edit]

HeaderMessage Spec


FlyOut Spec

Page specs[edit]

Page specs

Icon assets: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b1jo7ffxloyjywy/_WUzDoCl5E