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Last update on: 2012-01-31


Brandon Harris started to design a dashboard to surface and sort data from MoodBar comments. It could become a help center where experienced users can easily answer questions and concerns from new users.


Brandon Harris expanded the scope of this dashboard to support different sources, and updated the design. Roan Kattouw started to implement the feature, aided by Trevor Parscal for the HTML and CSS part.


The Feedback dashboard was deployed to the English Wikipedia, showing information provided by MoodBar. It is primarily read-only: it isn't possible to reply to comments. Andrew Garrett implemented the ability for administrators to hide comments which violate terms of use.


Dario Taraborelli uploaded several dashboards to the toolserver displaying real-time moodbar metrics.


Dario Taraborelli updated the research page dedicated to MoodBar to include responses. Benny Situ fixed bugs, and implemented and deployed the feedback response API. Rob Moen deployed in-line reply functionality, giving experienced editors the ability to respond to MoodBar feedback while staying on the dashboard, as well as bug fixes and admin action enhancements.


Rob Moen added support for wikitext in responses, preview of changes, handling of blocked users, and fixed various bugs. Benny Situ worked on feedback response, notifications and HTML e-mails. Dario Taraborelli developed two sets of charts to visualize data from the FeedbackDashboard and response notification.


Rob Moen added MoodBar feedback being part of user contribs and minor UI changes. Benny Situ added Top responders leaderboard and Unanswered filter for feedback dashboard


Surface markashelpful on feedbackdashboard page in the form: X responded Y hours ago and Z finds it helpful, Added link to feedback dashboard upon successful moodbar feedback submission, Feedback dashboard response email copy update


We implemented a leaderboard of recent top responders on the feedback dashboard. New editor feedback is now added to a dedicated log. When feedback is marked as helpful, that fact is displayed on the feedback dashboard itself. Other than a few other smaller changes, we're now moving the project into maintenance mode to focus on article creation workflow and New Page Triage.