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  1. Generate a XML Output file from the Single Source Layouts
  2. Note the name of the XML Project.

Please be more specific, and if possible, give examples.

Yes indeed! And what is the RoboXMLProjectFile on the 3rd line of the configuration file? There is no such entity in a RoboHelp project or its XML output. The example of TestFiles.XML suggests it should be an XML file - but an RH project only contains one such file, eHelp.xml. I'm mystified....!

I got an answer from the author:

Each user needs to set the appropriate properties the RoboHelp2Wiki Config File located at: config/config.properties.

One of the properties "RoboXMLProjectFile" needs to be set to name of your output file. In most cases it is the same name as your project name with an .xml at the end. Again, in most cases it will be located within \!SSL!\XML_Output in your Project Files. It is determined when you generate the XML Output. See screenshot below.

We have to choose the option Export project to Docbook to obtain an xml file --Eric Larcher 12:44, 21 February 2008 (UTC)Reply
 One must choose the option Export Project to XHMTL to work.  Docbook is not supported. - JasonKl

Does RoboHelp2Wiki support RoboHelp 6 or 7?[edit]

When the article was first published, RH version X5 was current. However, RH6 was released in 2007, and RH version 7 is now on sale. Does anybody know if the RoboHelp2Wiki software work with Online Help Guides produced by RH6 or RH7?

Philip Tory www.authorgraphic.co.uk

 We tested the code successfully, to both RH6 and RH7.  I have updated 
 the article to reflect the supported version.  We also tested the code through 
 MediaWiki 1.11.1   -  JasonKl

I have just tested it on Adobe RoboHelp 8 and it works fine.--Greenears 18:17, 16 April 2010 (UTC)Reply

Problem of Redirect requested[edit]


I meet this problem :

HttpMethodDirector - Redirect requested but followRedirects is disabled 
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Content is not allowed in prolog. at
com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.DOMParser.parse(Unknown Source)

Any solution ?

Best regards, --Eric Larcher 12:10, 21 February 2008 (UTC)Reply

 This may be due to trying to covert the Docbook format.  See above.  
 Please try again with the Project XHMTL handler. - JasonKl

Page edit layout is changed. the pattern needs to be rebuilt[edit]

Can someone please explain what this means?

 This error occurs when you try to upload to a Mediawiki version above 1.11.

Since the code is open-source I easily modified it to work with MediaWiki 1.15.1. All you have to do in the source code is change this line and recompile the java file and package the JAR:--Greenears 19:42, 16 April 2010 (UTC)Reply

 m = Pattern.compile("value=\"(\\d+)\"\\s+name=\"wpStarttime.*value=\"(\\d+)\"\\s+name=\"wpEdittime.*value=\"(\\S+)\"\\s+name=\"wpEditToken.*name=\"wpAutoSummary\"\\s+.*?value=\"(\\S+)",Pattern.DOTALL).matcher(res );


 m = Pattern.compile("value=\"(\\d+)\"\\s+name=\"wpStarttime.*value=\"(\\d+)\"\\s+name=\"wpEdittime.*name=\"wpAutoSummary\"\\s+.*?value=\"(\\S+)\".*value=\"(\\S+)\"\\s+name=\"wpEditToken",Pattern.DOTALL).matcher(res );

To disable online XML DTD/XSD checking, all you have to do in the source code is add this import:--Greenears 19:59, 16 April 2010 (UTC)Reply

 import org.xhtmlrenderer.resource.FSEntityResolver;

and add this line in the "createdFactoryBuilder()" method:


and replace this line in the "createdFactoryBuilder()" method:




Recompile the java file by including the "core-renderer.jar" JAR file from the [Flying Saucer project|https://xhtmlrenderer.dev.java.net/].

I'm getting an error "Content is not allowed in prolog"[edit]

any ideas?

fixed..export error from robohelp. it didn't create the _gls.xml file.

[ERROR] MultipartRequestEntity[edit]

- An exception occurred while getting the length of the parts <java.lang.NullPointerException>java.lang.NullPointerException

is one of the lovely error messages I receive from the debugger when trying to run this program, I have various xml files that I have tried setting as the project file in the config, help.xml and help_prj.xml give me this error. I tried using help_gls, help_ndx,help_sls and help_toc.xml, all of which gave me the above error of "Content is not allowed in prolog". Does anyone understand what this problem means and what the solution is? Is it because this program uses the old apache libraries? Thank you

Overriding the Edits[edit]

Does RoboHelp2Wiki create a Wiki page regardless of what is currently there?

For example, if I have used RoboHelp2Wiki to upload a page called 'A Page' and then someone makes an edit to 'A Page' from the Wiki and I make a different change in my RoboHelp equivalent of 'A Page' and then upload that using the new XHTML Export, should the new version I upload override the edits that were made?

I thought I had established that this is what happened, but now when I came to do it again, the program runs fine and the 'Upload' file in temp workspace tells me the files have been uploaded, but there is no change to the Wiki pages (the edits remain, and if the page is deleted, it remains deleted). No new version of the Robo2Wiki page is made either. Images however appear to work.

Is this something I have suddenly started doing wrong? Or is this how the program works? If it is how do I change it so that what is uploaded by RoboHelp2Wiki ignores what is currently on the page and puts up what is in the RoboHelp export?

Links Not Being Written Correctly[edit]

The links on my help pages that link to other help pages aren't being written correctly. It seems as though the program thinks that they are external link but they are in fact internal.


[../../lists_tools/about_lexical_relations.htm About Lexical Relations]

Should be [[About_Lexical_Relations | About Lexical Relations]]

Not working[edit]

I converted the Robohelp 8 project and then execute on my Windows 7 Ultimate in a DOS window

java -jar RoboHelp2Wiki.jar c:\tmp xml

It works 2-3 seconds and then shows no error but also nothing else happens. No upload was done etc. I dont know where to start searching for the problem. Any hint? Thanks!

NullPointerException error[edit]

I'm trying to use RoboHelp2Wiki. When I enter:

java -jar RoboHelp2Wiki.jar c:/RoboHelp2Wiki xml

I get:

        at java.io.File.<init>(Unknown Source)
        at com.thejkgroup.RoboHelp2Wiki.setupEnv(RoboHelp2Wiki.java:103)
        at com.thejkgroup.RoboHelp2Wiki.main(RoboHelp2Wiki.java:66)



Possible solution

   fixed..I was getting this error when using a path name which did not exist.  Perhaps use "c:\RoboHelp2Wiki" instead.