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thx for creating this extension - unfortunately I cannot get it to run on our wiki barcamp.at - could it be that there is an issue with the documentation? Actually there does not seem to be a hook called

Hooks::run( 'SendPersonalizedNotificationEmail',

within your extension, but a hook called

Hooks::run( 'SendPersonalizedNotificationEmailDiff',

(based on the function with the same name?)

Any hints regarding debugging your extension would be appreciated!

Turnstep (talkcontribs)

You need to modify the source code as described in the README to put a call to the hook "SendPersonalizedNotificationEmail" into mail/EmailNotification.php. Then the extension will invoke the SendPersonalizedNotificationEmailDiff function when that hook is triggered.

One of these days, the hook will make it into mediawiki-core...but until then, you must modify that php file before the extension will work. (talkcontribs)

thanks! I tried to change the file mail/EmailNotification.php as described in the README - unfortunately the change made by a user is not displayed in the notify email, although $PAGEDIFF has been added to MediaWiki:Enotif_body (https://www.barcamp.at/MediaWiki:Enotif_body) - the placeholder just is removed and the changeset is not displayed in the email. do you have any idea what else we could check to find out what goes wrong here?

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