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CategoryTree menu disappeared

Summary by Tacsipacsi

The problem was with another extension.

Castroblop (talkcontribs)

When I upgrade to Mediawiki 1.26.2, CategoryTree disappeared from bottom of edit page. Where previously there were drop-down menus of parent-child-grandchild categories, there is only now the parent category and a orphan category. Do you know how this can be solved?? My LocalSettings.php for CategoryTree

require_once( "$IP/extensions/CategoryTree/CategoryTree.php" );
$wgUseAjax = true;
$wgCategoryTreeDefaultOptions['mode'] = 'all';

And the wiki is running

  • MediaWiki 1.26.2
  • PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.14
  • MySQL 5.5.47-0ubuntu0.14.04.1
  • Vector skin
  • CategoryTree (11fd8ec)

Here is an example of how the CategoryTree menu now looks http://beyond-social.org/wiki/images/7/7b/SelectCategory-edit.png thanks a

Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

I don't know why does it work at all, I don't see any configuration turning it on (if the wiki is beyond-social.org). The documentation says nothing that these variables should do this, neither see I anything in the MediaWiki namespace. If you speak about another wiki, what is that? Making it publicly editable (at least in some namespaces) for a few days would help me to debug.

Castroblop (talkcontribs)

I confused CategoryTree with SelectCategory. Apologies

Jeffatcw (talkcontribs)

At least for the purposes of my site, it would be better to have the articles for a category listed before the subcategories so that you have the following:

Category name

article 1

article 2

> Subcategory 1 name

> Subcategory 2 name

and then when you expand a subcategory, you get the articles in that subcategory listed before it's subcategories, etc.

If this is doable, I can't see it. Can it be done?

Jeffatcw (talkcontribs)

Of course, when I say "article", I use it to mean the same as "page".

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PascalKT (talkcontribs)

We get some error in the apache log due to the CategoryTree extension. (using MDW 1.26)

PHP Warning:  OutputPage::getModuleStyles: style module should define its position explicitly: ext.categoryTree.css

any ideas ?

2620:0:1000:1704:359F:C020:9E78:B83C (talkcontribs)

I fixed it by going to /public_html/extensions/CategoryTree/CategoryTree.php, and adding the position field:

$wgResourceModules['ext.categoryTree.css'] = array(

'position' => 'top',

'styles' => 'ext.categoryTree.css',

) + $commonModuleInfo;

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Clicking the ► has no effect in the sidebar

Gigajoule (talkcontribs)

Mediawiki 1.26.2.

First I got only one level depth while visualing the tree. So I set in CategoryTreeFunctions.php file the following line

$linkattr['style'] = 'display: none;'; // Unhidden by JS


$linkattr['style'] = 'display: inline !important;'; // Unhidden by JS

After that, clicking the ► has no effect in the sidebar

The javascript intended to switch the tag style is somehow buggy. I confirm.

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force categorytree to update when add new page.

Siggiae (talkcontribs)

I am invoking categorytree with the syntax {{#categorytree:Embryo|mode=pages|showcount|depth=2 etc. When I create a new page and add it to the category Embryo, categorytree will not list the new page. I can close/open the page that invoked categorytree, login again with no effect. If I look directly at the page Category:Embryo the new member page is listed immediately. The only way I can get the {{#categorytree:Embryo etc to update is to resave the page where it occurs. Same behavior if I use the tag syntax.

There must be a better way, I thought this function was dynamic. No obvious warnings of this behavior on the relevant help page or in discussions. Suggestions? (talkcontribs)

I'm also seeing this. shouldn't it populate the tree automaticly?

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Preserve expand/collapse state across pages?

DavidBiesack (talkcontribs)

if we use CategoryTree for a navigation box on a set of pages within a category with multiple subcategories, is there any way to preserve the expanded/collapsed state across page views? The desired effect is similar to using an HTML frameset, with the category tree in one frame on the left, and the navigated content in a frame on the right, but ideally done within the standard MediaWiki model

JackPotte (talkcontribs)

We would need that too, for Modèle:Communauté which is used to copy some pages in order to paste them into the watchlist.

Dereckson (talkcontribs)

I've open a task on Phabricator to discuss this feature request.

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AmazingTrans (talkcontribs)

How can i insert the categoryTree to the right of the Contents box? Also, can i encapsulate the categoryTree in a box like the Content? (talkcontribs)

yeah, just put it inside a div. so, surround the code calling for the category tree with something like

<div style="float:right; display:block; brackground-color:grey; border:1px solid black">

category tree coding


Meriware (talkcontribs)

Hrm. That appears to lose the toggles to contract / expand the tree.

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Customized collapse/expand/empty images broken after update

Rbirmann (talkcontribs)


I am having an issue with this extension after upgrading MW from 1.22 to 1.26. I have also updated my CategoryTree extension from whatever version I had installed a couple of years ago to the latest available version, so I am not sure to which of these upgrades my issue is related.

In our wiki, back in MW 1.22 and the old CT version, we had changed the color of the category tree bullets by changing MediaWiki:categorytree-collapse-bullet, MediaWiki:categorytree-expand-bullet and MediaWiki:categorytree-empty-bullet to something like this:

<span style="color:#ffd15a;">▼</span>

This was working fine, but now, in MW 1.26 with the latest CT version, if I click on a ► bullet to expand the category tree, the clicked bullet is replaced by:

<span style="color:#ffd15a;">▼</span>

... as if the contents of MediaWiki:categorytree-collapse-bullet were enclosed in <nowiki> tags.

Is this intentional behaviour? Or is it a bug?

Either way, how can I change the color (or content) of the bullets in the latest CategoryTree version?

Maybe (just thinking out loud here), editing MediaWiki:Common.css and adding a CategoryTreeToggle style definition there? Haven't tried this...

Thanks in advance (talkcontribs)

just started working on a mediawiki site and had issues with the CategoryTree 1.26 extension. I ended up using an older version (I used 1.23). My issue with the 1.26 CategoryTree extension was it hid all of the WYSIWG buttons for the wiki editor.

I did change the color of my triangles. The CSS looks different than yours in my version of CategoryTree. The triangle element had a class surrounded it, so it was easy to target. Hope that helps

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Is it possible to make it so that clicking the categories in the tree expands and collapses the category rather than take the user to the category page?

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How to show pages in the last subcategory in CategoryTree

1 (talkcontribs)

Hello all! I have a page that included to several Categories, for Example (Tenses in English language that included to following categories: Category:Foreign Languages, Category:English, Category:English Grammar, Category:Tenses in English). And I made subcategories, so it looks like:

▼ English
....▼ English Grammar
......... [×] English Tenses
......... [×] General rules of English

So in this case I have mode=categories, but if I make mode=pages then all pages are shown in every category which looks not so nice. Is it possible to show pages only in last subcategories (they are marked with " [×] ")? so I want users to open last category in the list to see the pages included to this category. How to make it?

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