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Preserve expand/collapse state across pages?

DavidBiesack (talkcontribs)

if we use CategoryTree for a navigation box on a set of pages within a category with multiple subcategories, is there any way to preserve the expanded/collapsed state across page views? The desired effect is similar to using an HTML frameset, with the category tree in one frame on the left, and the navigated content in a frame on the right, but ideally done within the standard MediaWiki model

JackPotte (talkcontribs)

We would need that too, for Modèle:Communauté which is used to copy some pages in order to paste them into the watchlist.

Dereckson (talkcontribs)

I've open a task on Phabricator to discuss this feature request.

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AmazingTrans (talkcontribs)

How can i insert the categoryTree to the right of the Contents box? Also, can i encapsulate the categoryTree in a box like the Content? (talkcontribs)

yeah, just put it inside a div. so, surround the code calling for the category tree with something like

<div style="float:right; display:block; brackground-color:grey; border:1px solid black">

category tree coding


Meriware (talkcontribs)

Hrm. That appears to lose the toggles to contract / expand the tree.

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Customized collapse/expand/empty images broken after update

Rbirmann (talkcontribs)


I am having an issue with this extension after upgrading MW from 1.22 to 1.26. I have also updated my CategoryTree extension from whatever version I had installed a couple of years ago to the latest available version, so I am not sure to which of these upgrades my issue is related.

In our wiki, back in MW 1.22 and the old CT version, we had changed the color of the category tree bullets by changing MediaWiki:categorytree-collapse-bullet, MediaWiki:categorytree-expand-bullet and MediaWiki:categorytree-empty-bullet to something like this:

<span style="color:#ffd15a;">▼</span>

This was working fine, but now, in MW 1.26 with the latest CT version, if I click on a ► bullet to expand the category tree, the clicked bullet is replaced by:

<span style="color:#ffd15a;">▼</span>

... as if the contents of MediaWiki:categorytree-collapse-bullet were enclosed in <nowiki> tags.

Is this intentional behaviour? Or is it a bug?

Either way, how can I change the color (or content) of the bullets in the latest CategoryTree version?

Maybe (just thinking out loud here), editing MediaWiki:Common.css and adding a CategoryTreeToggle style definition there? Haven't tried this...

Thanks in advance (talkcontribs)

just started working on a mediawiki site and had issues with the CategoryTree 1.26 extension. I ended up using an older version (I used 1.23). My issue with the 1.26 CategoryTree extension was it hid all of the WYSIWG buttons for the wiki editor.

I did change the color of my triangles. The CSS looks different than yours in my version of CategoryTree. The triangle element had a class surrounded it, so it was easy to target. Hope that helps

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Is it possible to make it so that clicking the categories in the tree expands and collapses the category rather than take the user to the category page?

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How to show pages in the last subcategory in CategoryTree

1 (talkcontribs)

Hello all! I have a page that included to several Categories, for Example (Tenses in English language that included to following categories: Category:Foreign Languages, Category:English, Category:English Grammar, Category:Tenses in English). And I made subcategories, so it looks like:

▼ English
....▼ English Grammar
......... [×] English Tenses
......... [×] General rules of English

So in this case I have mode=categories, but if I make mode=pages then all pages are shown in every category which looks not so nice. Is it possible to show pages only in last subcategories (they are marked with " [×] ")? so I want users to open last category in the list to see the pages included to this category. How to make it?

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How to keep CategoryTree stayed opened after clicking any category in sidebar in Vector skin?2

Satyamcompany (talkcontribs)

When I am going down in one category and subcategories (depth 5-6), after loading the specified category and then hitting the "back" button on the browser , the category tree is folded again. Is there any chance the tree stays opened? Please reply ASAP... How to keep nodes expaneded even after clicking back button in browser.Any code changes to be done in Categorytree extension? It would be great to have the tree expanded to the current page after clicking any article , so that the users can get a quick impression about the location of the current article in the overall context. (talkcontribs)

iam also facing same problem.., any solution??

CoolCornucopia (talkcontribs)

Hi, I did a small dev to offer this feature to everybody. Please refer to "CategoryTree in Sidebar stayed opened". Do not hesitate to comment :-)

This post was posted by CoolCornucopia, but signed as Cornucopia. (talkcontribs)


I can't get it to work. Is it all to just copy the JavaScript to ext.categoryTree.js ?

CoolCornucopia (talkcontribs)

Hi, in the version of CategoryTree I am using, it is not the file ext.categoryTree.js but the file CategoryTree.js.

Be sure you are using a similar version of CategoryTree else you may need to merge my modifications.

FYI, sometimes it does not work with recent IE due to the default compatibility mode set to a "too old" IE version (the IE "intranet mode" can also introduce such "too old" IE version). Tell me if it solves your issue. Best Regards

This post was posted by CoolCornucopia, but signed as Cornucopia.

CoolCornucopia (talkcontribs)

Hi, I am porting my patch to Mediawiki 1.22.2 and the related CategoryTree extension. I keep you in touch. Best regards.

This post was posted by CoolCornucopia, but signed as Cornucopia.

CoolCornucopia (talkcontribs)

Hi, now it works on Mediawiki 1.22 too :-). Please refer to "CategoryTree in Sidebar stayed opened". Do not hesitate to comment :-)

This post was posted by CoolCornucopia, but signed as Cornucopia. (talkcontribs)

Hi Changed ext.categoryTree.js as you have written, but does not work in sidebar and "in-page" category trees too. What could be wrong? MediaWiki version 1.22. Tried in Mozilla, Chrome, IE.

CoolCornucopia (talkcontribs)

Hi, I have "re-tried" from scratch and it works fine for both sidebar and "in-page" category trees. I use Mediawiki 1.22.2 and the related CategoryTree extension. You may have a look to your cookies when folding/unfolding categories... Best regards

This post was posted by CoolCornucopia, but signed as Cornucopia. (talkcontribs)

Hi. Does not work your modification. I would like to know, when you open a category in CategoryTree, change variable date-ct-state in the page source or not?

CoolCornucopia (talkcontribs)

This post was posted by CoolCornucopia, but signed as Cornucopia.

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Cmjohannes (talkcontribs)

I had a 321 member category that wouldn't display all of its members. I am running Mediawiki 1.25.1. I finally got it to work by adding a large enough value for $wgCategoryPagingLimit (default value is 200) into LocalSettings.php.

require_once( "$IP/extensions/CategoryTree/CategoryTree.php" );
$wgUseAjax = true;
$wgCategoryTreeMaxChildren = 400;
$wgCategoryPagingLimit = 400;
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Split a long list into Multi-Column Lists

Samuel Goujon (talkcontribs)

Hi all,

Would it be possible to split a long list into multiple horizontal columns?

For example, every 50 categories, a new list is created on the right (keeping the alphabetical order)

Thanks for your help!

Cmjohannes (talkcontribs)

I would also like to know if this functionality is possible. I have a category with 300 member pages, which I would like to display on my main page. Currently, the CategoryTree extension displays one page per line. I would like to use a four or five column table to improve site aesthetics and make the list more readable.

Something like:


<tr><td>Page A</td><td>Page B</td><td>Page C</td><td>Page D</td></tr>

<tr><td>Page E</td><td>Page F</td><td>Page G</td><td>Page H</td></tr>


Where/how could/should such display output be implemented?

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In my wiki we use the category tree extension dynamically in a few pages to have convenient links to other pages. This means when people create new pages, all they have to do is add the appropriate category to their page and then the link will show up automatically on the master page. This saves our users time as they don't have to worry about manually adding links or link rot.

Unfortunately pages that a linked to in this way do not count under 'what links here' and therefore also show up on the orphaned page list. This makes it more difficult for the wiki admins to see if a particular page is dead/cruft that can be deleted (as usually pages with no links to them are) because it may actually be a valuable page that is only linked to via a the category tree expansion.

Is it possible for this extension to have this functionality added? I guess it would need to be configurable, as not all wikis may want this behaviour by default. (talkcontribs)


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Custom pictograms for expanded and collapsed nodes

4 (talkcontribs)

Hi! I searched in CategoryTreeFunctions.php and .js and .css files but failed to find where may I change what is displayed near the category name. I want to replace [+] and [-] with my own pictograms because such text signs look a little bit poorly. Thank You for any help and clues.

CoolCornucopia (talkcontribs)

Hi, I suggest you to have a look to my home page where I describe a solution User:Cornucopia#Tips:_Change_collapse.2Fexpand.2Fempty_images_in_the_CategoryTree. Then, simply change the png with your own images : )

This post was posted by CoolCornucopia, but signed as Cornucopia. (talkcontribs)

Thanks, thats what I've been looking for, but You do not say where to put that code. Could You specify the file I need to modify? Thanks.

CoolCornucopia (talkcontribs)

Hi, heading title names are the wiki page names to create :-) Br

This post was posted by CoolCornucopia, but signed as Cornucopia.

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