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This page is a translated version of the page Extension:TimedMediaHandler/Client download and the translation is 38% complete.

You are probably reading this page because you don't have a video or audio player supported by the Timed Media Handler extension: Either Ogg Theora or WebM must be supported by your browser or one of its plugins.

Rekomenduojame atsisiųsti vieną iš siūlomų naršyklių / grotuvų:

Firefox has native support for Ogg Theora and WebM.
Chrome, Opera
Google Chrome turi Ogg Theora ir WebM palaikymą.
Enables WebM playback in HTML5 video tag with Internet Explorer 9 or later.
WebM komponentai, skirti QuickTime
Enables WebM playback in HTML5 video tag with Safari on Mac OS.