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Release status:Extension status estable

ImplementaciónTemplate:Extension#type User interface
DescripciónTemplate:Extension#description Permite a los usuarios agradecer a otros por ediciones individuales
Latest versionTemplate:Extension#version 1.2.0 (Continuous updates)
MediaWikiTemplate:Extension#mediawiki 1.27+ . Thanks master should only be used with core's master; otherwise, use matching branches (e.g. Thanks REL1_27 with core REL1_27, or matching WMF release branches).
PHPTemplate:Extension#php 5.4+
Cambios de la base de datosTemplate:Extension#needs-updatephp No
LicenciaTemplate:Extension#license MIT License
  • $wgThanksSendToBots
  • $wgThanksLogging
  • $wgThanksConfirmationRequired
Hooks que usaTemplate:Extension#hook

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Tareas abiertas · Reportar un bug

The Thanks extension allows users to thank other users for individual edits. It adds a 'thank' link next to the 'undo' link in history and diff views, and to Flow board comments if Flow is installed. It also provides an API for sending thanks.


The Thanks notification offers a new way to give positive feedback on Wikipedia. The purpose of this experimental feature is to give quick positive feedback to recognize productive contributions. It invites editors to send a public 'Thank you' notification to users who make useful edits, as shown below. More details are available in this overview page and in this feature requirement.

Once you have had a chance to try it out, we welcome your feedback about this feature on this talk page. (Note that if you do not want to thank others or be thanked, you can easily disable this notification in your preferences, as described here.)

We hope that the Thanks notification will make it easier to show appreciation for each other's work -- and it should be particularly helpful for encouraging new users during their first critical steps on Wikipedia. We have intentionally kept this notification as simple as possible, so we can evaluate it and improve it together. Enjoy ...


Thanks tiene como prerequisito que esté instalada la extensión Echo.
  • Descarga y extrae los archivos en el directorio «Thanks» dentro del directorio extensions/ existente.
  • Añade el siguiente código a tu LocalSettings.php (preferiblemente al final):
    wfLoadExtension( 'Thanks' );
  • De ser necesario, configuralo a tu gusto
  • Go to the History action of a page to see the new "Thank" interface.
  • YesY Listo – Navega a Special:Version en tu wiki para verificar que la apariencia se haya instalado correctamente.

Para quienes usan MediaWiki 1.26 o versiones anteriores:

Estas instrucciones describen la nueva forma de instalar extensiones usando wfLoadExtension().

Si necesitas instalar esta extensión en versiones anteriores (MediaWiki 1.26 y anteriores), debes usar lo siguiente en lugar de wfLoadExtension( 'Thanks' );:

require_once "$IP/extensions/Thanks/Thanks.php";


Enable the Thank interface for bot edits (disabled by default)
$wgThanksSendToBots = false;
Log Thank actions to "Special:Log" (enabled by default)
$wgThanksLogging = true;
Si se requiere o no confirmación para agradecerte (activado por omisión)
$wgThanksConfirmationRequired = true;


To thank another user, go to the History tab of any page. Next to each revision will be a 'thank' link. Click the link to send thanks to that user. This link is also available in the diff view, and below comments on Flow boards if Flow is installed.

When the thank link is clicked, the recipient will receive a notification with your thanks via the Echo extension (unless they have opted out of receiving thanks notifications). A record of the action is also recorded as a log entry at Special:Log/thanks.

If the wiki is using memcached, a rate limit is imposed of no more than 10 thanks per minute per user. The limit can be configured with $wgRateLimits['thanks-notification'].

Documentación de API

The Thanks extension includes an API for sending thanks. In order to call the API, use the parameter action=thank.


  • rev - The revision ID you would like to thank someone for (required)
  • source - Source of the thank event. This is a short string that identifies where the thanks was sent from. For example, if the thanks was sent from Huggle, the value could be 'huggle'. (optional)
  • token - Edit token (a.k.a. csrf token). You can get one of these through the tokens API. (required)



Flow Thanks

There is a separate API for sending Thanks for comments on Flow boards. To call the API, use action=flowthank.


  • postid - The UUID of the comment for which to send thanks (required)
  • token - Edit token. You can get one of these through prop=info. (required)



Errores y avisos

Código Información
invalidrecipient No puedes agradecerte a ti mismo

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