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Freigabestatus: stabil
Einbindung Parser-Funktion
Beschreibung Adds a parser function #pmid to look up articles in pubmed.gov by ID.
Autor(en) Daniel Kraus (BovenderDiskussion)
Letzte Version 5.0.2 (2021-05-04)
MediaWiki 1.28+
MediaWiki 1.36 Not formally tested
MediaWiki 1.34 Not formally tested
MediaWiki 1.32 Not formally tested
Datenbankänderungen Ja
Lizenz GNU General Public License 2.0 oder neuer
  • {{#pmid:19782018}}
  • {{#pmid:19782018|Alon2009}}

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The PubmedParser extension provides a parser keyword (#pmid) to fetch article information by unique ID from the Pubmed database. It outputs the article information formatted as Wiki markup for a template. The template can be defined inside the Wiki and adjusted as needed.

Please find more information about installation, configuration and usage at the project homepage.

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