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MWUnit performs additional checks when it performs tests. These checks ensure the validity of the tests and inform the user about possibly invalid tests or misconfigurations.

Risky tests[edit]

Invalid @covers annotation[edit]

MWUnit can be configured, through the $wgMWUnitStrictCoverage configuration parameter, to be strict about invalid/untruthful @covers annotations. When enabled, a test will be marked as risky if the template a test @covers is not used directly, or indirectly, in a test case.

Useless tests[edit]

By default, MWUnit is strict about tests that do not perform any assertions. A test that does not perform any assertions will be marked as risky.

Invalid assertions[edit]

MWUnit is always strict about tests with invalid assertions. An assertion is invalid when it contains too few parameters or parameters of an incorrect type. A test that has one or more invalid assertions will be marked as risky.

A test will not be marked as invalid when an assertion has too many parameters.

Mocked covers template[edit]

A test will be marked as risky when the template that test should cover is mocked.

Skipped tests[edit]

Tests marked as skipped are never run, because they are either broken or marked with @skip.

Invalid context[edit]

MWUnit is always strict about tests using an invalid context annotation. The context annotation must either be empty, "canonical" or "user". A test that has an invalid context annotation will be skipped.

Invalid user[edit]

MWUnit requires the user specified in @user to be an existing user. If the user specified does not exist, the test will be skipped.

Missing permissions for user mock[edit]

A test will be skipped when it is required to be run as another user, but running tests as another user is disabled or disallowed.

Missing required extensions[edit]

A test will be skipped if one or more extensions specified through @requires is missing.

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