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Warnung Warnung: This extension is often confused with the similarly named Extension:LinkAttributes.
Link Attributes
Freigabestatus: stabil
Einbindung Parser-Funktion
Beschreibung Fügt Unterstützung für die Attribute rel, rev und class auf Links hinzu
Autor(en) Toby Inkster, Dennis Roczek, Sam Wilson
Letzte Version 1.1
MediaWiki >= 1.35.0
Datenbankänderungen Nein
Lizenz GNU General Public License 2.0 oder neuer
Quarterly downloads 4 (Ranked 138th)
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Diese Erweiterung fügt Unterstützung für die Attribute rel, rev und class auf externen Links hinzu:

  • relThe relationship of the linked URL as space-separated link types.
  • revSpecified a reverse link; the opposite of the rel attribute. Deprecated for being very confusing.
  • class – A space-separated list of the classes of the element. Classes allows CSS and JavaScript to select and access specific elements.


The syntax is a little unorthodox. To set the rel attribute, place one or more tokens in double-parentheses at the end of the link title. e.g.:

  [ My website((me home))]

The above would be converted to the following link:

  <a href="" rel="me home" class="external">My website</a>

To set the class attribute, the same syntax is used, but tokens which represent classes are prefixed with a dot:

  [ My website((me .class1 home .class2))]


  <a href="" rel="me home" class="external class1 class2">My website</a>

Similarly, prefixing with a tilde (~) sets the rev attribute.

Tokens may be prefixed by a minus sign (-) to indicate that you don't want to add the token, but remove it. For example:

  [ My website((me -.external home))]


  <a href="" rel="me home">My website</a>

The "nofollow" rel token is considered untouchable though.


  • Die Erweiterung herunterladen und die Datei(en) in ein Verzeichnis namens Link_Attributes im Ordner extensions/ ablegen.
    Developers and code contributors should install the extension from Git instead, using:cd extensions/
    git clone
  • Folgenden Code am Ende deiner LocalSettings.php -Datei einfügen:
    wfLoadExtension( 'Link_Attributes' );
  • Yes Erledigt – Zu Special:Version in dem Wiki (bei Einstellung auf deutsch nach Spezial:Version) navigieren, um die erfolgreiche Installierung der Erweiterung zu überprüfen.

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