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This page is a translated version of the page Extension:FeaturedFeeds and the translation is 100% complete.
MediaWiki Handleiding extensies
Release status: stabiel
Implementatie Gegevens extractie, API , Hook
Beschrijving Voegt syndicatie feeds toe van door wiki's ondersteunde inhoud
Auteur(s) Max Semenik (MaxSemoverleg)
Laatste versie continuous updates
MediaWiki 1.19+
PHP 5.4+
Database wijzigingen Nee
Licentie WTFPL 2.0
  • $wgFeaturedFeedsDefaults
  • $wgDisplayFeedsInSidebar
  • $wgFeaturedFeeds
Downloads kwartaal 16 (Ranked 124th)
Publieke wiki's die het gebruiken 876 (Ranked 273rd)
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Problemen Open taken · Rapporteer een bug

FeaturedFeeds is een extensie die dagelijkse feeds maakt (Atom of RSS) van wiki's aanbevolen inhoud (variërend van Etalage artikelen tot Media van de dag).

De feeds worden toegevoegd aan de hoofdpagina van de site en zijn beschikbaar via de featuredfeed API-module. Zie ook: Extension:FeaturedFeeds/WMF deployment

FeaturedFeeds gebruiken

Deze extensie vereist dat wiki's een geautomatiseerd proces gebruiken om hun aanbevolen inhoud dagelijks (of tenminste zeer vaak) te publiceren.


  • Download en plaats de bestanden in de map FeaturedFeeds in de map extensions/.
    Ontwikkelaars en bijdragers van code moeten in plaats daarvan de extensie van Git installeren, met behulp van:cd extensions/
    git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/mediawiki/extensions/FeaturedFeeds
  • Voeg de volgende code onderaan het bestand LocalSettings.php toe:
    wfLoadExtension( 'FeaturedFeeds' );
  • Yes Klaar – Navigeer naar Special:Version op de wiki om te controleren dat de extensie geïnstalleerd is.


A wiki must have some means of caching set up to use FeaturedFeeds, or everything will be super slow.


Variable name Description
$wgFeaturedFeeds Contains array of feed definitions in the following format:
'feed name' => [
	'page' => <message name>,
	'title' => <message name>,
	'description' => <message name>,
	'entryName' => <message name>,

Mandatory items:

Name of the interface message that contains an expression that evaluates to the title of the page with today's feed entry. For example, for English Wikipedia's featured articles feed it could contain Wikipedia:Today's featured article/{{#time:F j, Y}} that evaluates (using ParserFunctions, but ordinary date/time magic words may be used as well) to Wikipedia:Today's featured article/mei 24, 2024. This message always uses content language.
Name of the interface message that contains feed title, for example "My Page of the Day Feed".
A longer description of the feed, used for ‎<subtitle> Atom element, and ‎<description> RSS element.
Name of the interface message that contains heading of feed's individual entries.

Also see below for optional settings.

$wgFeaturedFeedsDefaults Provides default values for some parameters of every feed from $wgFeaturedFeeds.

Default value:

	'limit' => 10,
	'inUserLanguage' => false,
Maximum number of entries (ie number of days) in the feed.
Whether user's preferred language should be honored by the feed. For example, it doesn't make much sense to have English Wikipedia's featured articles feed in languages other than English as the content is always in English anyway. But Commons' picture of the day feed contains images and their descriptions that are available in many languages, so it actually benefits from its description's localisation.
$wgDisplayFeedsInSidebar Whether links to feeds should be displayed in sidebar on main page

Website configuratie

Zie de volledige subpagina voor details over de configuratie op Wikimedia-projecten

Message names

Each feed has the following messages controlling its behavior (replace * with feed name, chosen among those above):

Message Description Example
ffeed-*-page Title of the page that contains day's featured content.
Has one optional parameter, $1, which gets substituted with feed language code for use in multilingual feeds (currently, only on Commons).
Wikipedia:Today's featured article/{{#time:F j, Y}}
ffeed-*-title Feed name Wikipedia featured articles feed
ffeed-*-short-title Short feed name, could be used on sidebar in the future Featured articles
ffeed-*-desc More lengthy feed description Best articles on Wikipedia!!!
ffeed-*-entry Title of each day's entry {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}} Wikipedia featured article

How to set up a feed

Create a page named MediaWiki:Ffeed-*-page containing the page title (again, replace * with the feed's name). Two cases are possible here:

  • The wiki has a new page for each day, e.g. Wikipedia:Today's featured article/mei 24, 2024 on the English Wikipedia. In such case, the title can use date and time magic words or #time parser functions to incorporate the date in the page title. The title in the example here is Wikipedia:Today's featured article/{{#time:F j, Y}}.
  • The wiki uses a single template that uses date magic internally to display proper content. In such cases, either point MediaWiki:Ffeed-*-page to that template directly, or, if it has ‎<noinclude> sections not intended for readers to see, point it to a page that contains a transclusion of the said template and nothing else.
If you need to translate or tweak interface messages of a feed, do that before creating MediaWiki:Ffeed-*-page, otherwise your new feed might take up to one hour to catch up these changes.

How to publish feeds in the sidebar

Just create page MediaWiki:Ffeed-enable-sidebar-links with content other than a dash (-) or an empty string. A section called "Featured content feeds" will appear in the sidebar on the main page.

API module

www.mediawiki.org heeft geen aanbevolen feeds, dus de gegenereerde API-documentatie op deze wiki is niet erg nuttig.

Bekijk in plaats daarvan, de gegenereerde API-documentatie op de Engelstalige wiki, die de feeds opsomt die het biedt en een werkend voorbeeld bevat.