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MediaWiki 拡張機能マニュアル
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リリースの状態: 安定
実装 特別ページ
説明 アカウントの詳細の編集やアカウントの無効化をできるようにする
作者 Łukasz Garczewski, Jack Phoenix
メンテナー WikiTeq team
最新バージョン 1.3.4 (2021-06-05)
互換性ポリシー MediaWiki バージョン ライフサイクルに従います。 master には後方互換性がありません。
MediaWiki 1.35+
ライセンス GNU 一般公衆利用許諾書 2.0 以降
translatewiki.net で翻訳を利用できる場合は、EditAccount 拡張機能の翻訳にご協力ください

使用状況とバージョン マトリクスを確認してください。

The EditAccount extension has two main purposes. One is to change the password, real name, or email address of another user. The second is to disable the account of another user.

The special page may be limited to a certain user group such as staff or bureaucrats.


After disabling an account, the user is immediately logged out. This prevents them visiting their preferences and setting a new password or email address - which might be possible if you had simply scrambled their password.

When an account is disabled, the user will no longer be able to log in. Their password will be scrambled. Their email address will be removed. Their real name will be set to "Account Disabled". Their E-mail authentication status will be set to "not authenticated". The Registration date and other preferences info will not be affected.

A note appears on the user's contributions list of a disabled account stating "This account has been disabled." (View example).

All account edits are logged.


MediaWiki 1.28 以前を稼働させている利用者へ:

上記の手順では、wfLoadExtension() を使用してこの拡張機能をインストールする新しい方法を記載しています。 この拡張機能をこれらの過去のバージョン (MediaWiki 1.28 以前) にインストールする必要がある場合は、wfLoadExtension( 'EditAccount' ); の代わりに以下を使用する必要があります:

require_once "$IP/extensions/EditAccount/EditAccount.php";


By default, all user groups will only have permission to close their own accounts. The user right "editaccount" will have to be set for an existing user group, e.g. "bureaucrat" or for a new user group to allow editing or closing all accounts:

$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['editaccount'] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['editaccount']['editaccount'] = true;


Use of the special pages "CloseAccount" and "EditAccount" is logged at Special:Log/editaccnt. This log can be set to private if needed.

Example log entries
* 04:41, March 18, 2011 WikiAdmin (Talk | contribs | block) disabled account User:Example user ‎ 
* 02:11, February 17, 2011 StaffMember (Talk | contribs | block) changed password for user User:Jimbo Wales

Related extensions

  • Sudo - Allows logging into other user's accounts.
  • DisableAccount - Allows administrators to disable individual accounts.
  • UserMerge - Allows merging and deleting user accounts.
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