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Release status: unstable

Implementation Special page
Description An extension for deleting users from database.
Author(s) Nikn
License No license specified
Download Zipped package
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Deleteuser is an extension for deleting users from database.

Installation[edit | edit source]

  1. Download the Extension:ExtensionFunctions.php
  2. Copy the ExtensionFunctions.php to the /extensions/ directory in your MediaWiki folder.
  3. Make /extensions/Deleteuser directory in your MediaWiki folder.
  4. Copy all three extension files to that new directory.
  5. Add this line in LocalSettings.php:

Localization[edit | edit source]

The file SpecialDeleteuser.i18n.php contains arrays for localized versions. For example, a German version could be added that reads as follows

$wgDeleteuserMessages['de'] = array(
        'deleteuser'       => 'Benutzerlöschung',
        'deleteusername'   => 'Benutzername:',
        'deleteusersubmit' => 'Löschen',
        'deleteusererrordoesnotexist' => 'Der Benutzer "$1" existiert nicht',
        'deleteusererrorinvalid'      => 'Der Benutzername "$1" ist ungültig',
        'deleteusersuccess'           => 'Der Benutzer "[[Benutzer:$1|$1]]" (mit $2 Bearbeitungen) wurde gelöscht.',
        'deleteuserlogpage'     => 'Benutzerlöschungs-Logbuch',
        'deleteuserlogpagetext' => 'Dies ist eine Liste der letzten gelöschten Benutzer.',
        'deleteuserlogentry'    => '', # Don't translate this
        'deleteuserlog'         => 'hat Benutzer "[[Benutzer:$1|$1]]" (mit $2 Bearbeitungen) gelöscht',

Using[edit | edit source]

Enter special page Special:Deleteuser, type username and press Delete.

Changelog and known bugs[edit | edit source]

  • 27 October 2006 - published first version of extension.


  • The extension does not work in my environment:
    -MediaWiki 1.6.8 with page access restriction patch
    -PHP: 4.3.4 with MySQL: 4.0.18
    -Extensions Tasks 0.51 and EmbedURL
  • For me, it doesn't work either. It seems to use ExtensionFunctions.php which is not supported after 1.6 see here mwusers.com
    Even after installing it, it didn't work. 8-(
  • There is a bug in the DeleteuserSQL module, in the call to the delete functions. The "$uid" variable is the local instance and need to be changed to the class variable, as below:
$dbw->delete( 'user', array ( 'user_id' => '''$this->uid''' ), $fname );
$dbw->delete( 'user_groups', array ( 'ug_user' => '''$this->uid''' ), $fname );
  • 25 June 2007 - In the i18n file, "$wgRenameuserMessages" was used instead of "$wgDeleteuserMessages" in the array declaration and in the definition of the values for English ('en').
$wgDeleteuserMessages = array();

$wgDeleteuserMessages['en'] = array(

How it works?[edit | edit source]

This extension does these SQL querries:

DELETE FROM `user_groups` WHERE ug_user = here user ID;
DELETE FROM `user` WHERE user_id = here user ID;

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