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Release status: stable
Description Provides current snapshots of wikipages as thumbnails.
Author(s) Hallo Welt! GmbH
Maintainer(s) Hallo Welt! GmbH
Latest version 4.3
Compatibility policy For every MediaWiki release that is a Long Term Support release there is a corresponding branch in the extension.
MediaWiki 1.39 (LTS)
Composer bluespice/articlepreviewcapture
License GNU General Public License 3.0 only
  • $wgArticlePreviewCapturePhantomJSOptions
  • $wgArticlePreviewCapturePhantomJSEscapeShellCommand
  • $wgArticlePreviewCapturePhantomJSBaseUrl
  • $wgArticlePreviewCapturePhantomJSServiceURL
  • $wgArticlePreviewCapturePhantomJSBackend
  • $wgArticlePreviewCapturePhantomJSExecutable
Quarterly downloads 2 (Ranked 147th)
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BlueSpiceArticlePreviewCapture provides the ability to show current snapshots of wikipages as thumbnails throughout the wiki.

Usage / features[edit]

The extension creates preview images (screenshots) of pages, which are displayed for example in the search results of the ExtendedSearch autocomplete function, in the Recent changes overlay, in the list of books and in the timeline.


  • This extension requires PhantomJS to be installed on the server.
  • Dependent on BlueSpiceFoundation.

External links[edit]

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This extension was originally made for BlueSpice. BlueSpice is a MediaWiki distribution for enterprises and organizations. It enhances MediaWiki, in particular in the areas of quality management, process support, administration, editing and security.

You can download this extension with BlueSpice free.