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Events/Wikimedia Mapping Event 2013

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During Open Source Days 2013 in Copenhagen on March 9 and 10, we will have a hacking session dedicated to bringing OpenStreetMaps to Wikipedia.


Have horizontally scaled tile servers roughly working on labs within two weeks after the OSM event, as an important step towards a deployment to the WMF cluster.



  • Running an OSM copy on Wikimedia cluster (hacking)
  • Access to WMF project database replicas on WMF Labs
  • Making OSM more scalable (hacking)
  • OSM maps localization (discussion)
  • OSM migration from toolserver to WMF labs; currently servering OSM and WM communities (discussion)
  • Add more topics!

Important services inside Wikipedia[edit]

Geohack [1] (70% of the users use this / not directly related with OSM)
  • Layers
    • OSM default style (redundant to OSM)
    • OSM default style from OSM.org (as fallback)
    • Hikebike (very popular service from toolserver , 70% requested tiles are going to this style. Based on OSM. Runs in the moment on Mapnik 0.7. Performance?)
    • Public Transport (external service. Nice but perhaps not so important. Based on OSM. )
    • Satellite (external service from http://opengeoserver.org/ . Sponsort by Wikimedia Germany. Nice, but need in my eyes a wider base. Original planed a sources for OSM mappers.)
    • Germany Style (alternative colors. Not so important. Redundant with osm.de.)
  • Overlays
    • Wikipedia-World (Wikipedia-POIs as KML generated by PostGIS/PHP, 4 database tables for data reduction at lower zoomlevels. Lot of additional features. Updated all 2-3 months.)
    • WIWOSM[3] (To produce this geoJSON files we need access to OSM database and for interwikilinks to Wikipedia/Wikidata DB. Updated each night. Update need 3h.)
    • Marker (simply JavaScript)
    • hillshading (Static tiles, rendering need many weeks. coverage only ~70% of the world, but als oceans.)
    • We have brute-force multilingual maps as transparent layer on toolserver (activated in ru.wp) but I would prefer to use the new system from Jopchen Topf [4].
    • OSM-no-label we will need this layer also as base layer for future multilingualmaps.
  • Layers
    • Tiles (OSM, different other sources)
    • Other solar system bodies (NASA satellite imagery)
    • Client-side rendered JSON tiles (OSM)
  • Overlays
    • Wikipedia POIs (render labels in all languages so doesn't need multilingual map)
    • WIWOSM
    • Embedded KML data from Wikipedia articles (en:Template:Attached KML)
    • 3D Buildings
Merger of OSM Gadget (O) and WikiMiniAtlas (W)
  • WIWOSM (O/W)
  • OSM default style (O)
  • Low contrast base style (W)
  • Icon markers (O)
  • Text labels (W)
  • Multilingual map, default style no-labels + overlays
  • Extra styles (W)
  • Satellite (O:OpenGeoserver,W:LANDSAT) (O)
  • Hillshading (O)
  • 3D Buildings (W)
  • Thumbnails Commons (W)
  • List articles (W)
  • Size comparison (W)
  • Embedded frame (O) and Floating frame (W)
    • ....

other tools[edit]

We have also other tools for OSM on Toolserver so we need a place on WikimediaLabs. From the different styles seems the black&white style the most important style for external usage.

Ideas for new services[edit]

  • re-design OSM-Gadget to make it cleaner, faster, nicer. But for this we need to know how people use our service and what they like.
  • Retina-style for display of modern smartphones it would be nice to scale everything by factor 2. Also important to make some labels in Asia better readable.
  • Vector layers and 3D-vector data
  • perhaps longrunning cronjobs with OSM data on WMlabs
  • Overlay like WIWOSM but independent from OSM for things that are onle interessting for Wikipedia
    • HistoricOSM as overlay
  • WikiDATA-stuff with geodata
  • ...


Under the threat of conference Wi-Fi, please make sure that you already have this stuff checked out:

Who's coming[edit]