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Editing team/Research

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Welcome! The Editing Team uses this page (and its sub-page) to organize the research we do to better understand the needs and challenges people experience when contributing to Wikipedia.

In this context, "people" refers to the volunteers the Editing Team is intentionally centering within a given project.

Active Research


In the 2022-2023 fiscal year, the Editing Team will be working on a set of improvements for the visual editor to help new volunteers from within Sub-Saharan Africa understand and apply the policies and guidelines necessary to publish changes they are proud of and projects consider useful.

To inform this work, the Editing Team has been, and will continue to be, hosting a series of community conversations which you can learn more about here.

Past Research


A global consultation that took place between February to June 2019, to bring Wikimedians and wiki-minded people together to define better tools for wiki communication. This effort brought volunteers from 20 wikis together with staff from the Wikimedia Foundation to define a product direction for building better tools for on-wiki communication. This product direction was documented in Phase 2 of the Talk Pages Consultation and provided the basis for what would become the Talk Pages Project.