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This page is a place to gather sources and references relevant to Editing Team projects.

As we read, listen to, watch, or otherwise "internalize" the sources listed below, we will transfer what we learn from them to the Editing team/Research page.

Reference list[edit]

Title Description Origin (date) Consumed (Y/N)
…the first ever conference about centering marginalized knowledge online! 2018 (February)
Reflective policies for participation and governance
Innovate in Free Knowledge 2020
Bridging different local contexts and Wikimedia projects' notability and verifiability policies 2019 (September)
en:Wikipedia:Avoid instruction creep An essay about over-explaining and over-specifying in policies and guidelines. January (2006) No
Community Relations Specialists/Editing/Africa
Metrics that Matter - Research/Content Increasing use of inline citations at the English Wikipedia July (2022) No
Article Creation Workflow/Design This document describes the behavior of a modified workflow for page creation for Wikipedia, developed in 2011. 2011 No