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Documentation/Workshop handbooks

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This page explains how to write a workshop handbook and is intended for anyone interested in writing this type of documentation.

The purpose of a workshop handbook is to instruct readers on how to conduct a workshop on a given subject. It provides a scenario the reader can follow to run a workshop, as well as tips and suggestions to make the workshop run smoothly.

Note Note: See the examples at the end of this page to get an idea of how to use this template in practice.


Title: [Subject of the workshop]

== How to use this guide ==

Describe the best way to use this guide. You can use the description provided in existing handbooks, or write this section based on your own experience.

== Requirements ==

Describe any requirements that the reader needs to meet to use the guide. This can include:
* familiarity with other concepts
* necessary software
* any required setup steps, accounts, or privileges

== Preparation ==

Describe any steps that the organizer and the participants need to take to prepare for the workshop. See the following sections for examples.

=== Organizer ===

An organizer will need to:
* prepare the presentation, and make organizational decisions on how to run the workshop
* prepare any environments, scripts, or applications that they will need to run the workshop

=== Participants ===

Participants might need to:
* install software
* request access to resources or create accounts
* familiarize themselves with different concepts
* come up with usernames and passwords for services necessary to follow the workshop

== Workshop script ==

=== Introduction ===

Describe what the organizer or presenter needs to do at the beginning of the workshop. This often includes greeting the participants, and ensuring that everyone can access the necessary resources and actively participate in the workshop. It should also include sharing an agenda and ground rules for the workshop.

=== [Step or idea to describe] ===

Create a separate section for every idea or step you want to describe. Each section should contain the following:
* Instructions on how to explain the idea or step
* Links to resources on the subject covered in this section. You can add these links directly in your descriptions, but it's also a good idea to include them in the '''Sources''' list at the end of a section.

=== Closing ===

Describe what the organizer or presenter needs to do at the end of the workshop. This often includes thanking the participants, pointing to extra resources and next steps, and asking for feedback.