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We welcome help in many ways. We want to make sure we foster an environment where community designers can contribute to the projects as well as developers. Wikimedia movement is work of many diverse members of our communities. Your participation in designing for Wikimedia Movement is key to building useful and usable products.

Ways to Participate[edit]

You can participate in many ways based on your interests, availability, and capacity. Understanding our design process will help you figure out what are appropriate interventions you can partake in.

  • By Process
  • By Projects or Products
  • Design Style Guide

By Process[edit]

Our process can be broken down into following broad ideas

1. Understand and discover[edit]


How to participate[edit]

2. Uncover and frame the problem statement[edit]


How to participate[edit]

3. Explore ideas and solutions[edit]


4. Build and evaluate prototypes[edit]


5. Develop solutions[edit]


6. Document solutions and rationale[edit]


7. Learn from how design is getting used[edit]


By projects and products[edit]

If you are interested in contributing to a particular project or product that Wikimedia Foundation develops, you can find the ongoing work and person to contact

Products and Initiatives Audiences Design team actively works on
Project/Product Team Resonsible Ongoing Work Design Point of Contact
Wikipedia for Mobile and Desktop Web Reading Web Phabricator Board Alex Hollender /

Jan Drewniak

Wikipedia for Android Android Phabricator Board Rita Ho
Wikipedia for iOS iOS Phabricator Board Carolyn Li-Madeo
Multimedia and Structured data on Commons Multimedia Phabricator Board Pam Drouin
Content Translation tool Language Pau Giner
Language tools Language Pau Giner
Collaboration tools Collaboration Pau Giner
Visual Editor Editing Jess Klein
Accessibility UI Standardisation Volker Eckl
Design Research Audiences Design Daisy Chen / Abbey Ripstra
Prototyping Audiences Design Prateek Saxena / Jan Drewniak
Design Style Guide UI Standardisation Volker Eckl
Design direction / principles / values Audiences Design -- Nirzar Pangarkar / Margeigh Novotny

Design Style Guide[edit]

Wikimedia Design Style Guide ensures consistency in how our products look and behave. Its guidelines enable interactions between our diverse communities and users. We encourage collaboration and participation in evolving the Wikimedia Design Style Guide.

Ways to participate[edit]