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Explore modelling of Authority for permission checks (phab:T231930)

Significance and Motivation

High level: Improve readability, testability, and reliability. Concretely: experiment to inform the RFC that defines a new first class entity.


An experimental definition of the Authority interface along with a first implementation exists. Existing code code has been extended to support the new mechanism, partially by duplicating existing functionality. Other code continues to use the old mechanism. After the experiment has been evaluated, we will schedule time to either undo the changes, or make them stable and permanent.

Baseline Metrics

None given

Target Metrics

REST endpoints have been ported to using the new mechanism. At the end of the experiment, we commit to evaluate the new concepts and mechanisms, and then either remove them again, or commit to making them available for use throughout the MediaWiki ecosystem.


see vision table

Known Dependencies/Blockers

some overlap with phab:T208776 (PageIdentity)