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Requirements Requirements in short

MySQL/MariaDB is the recommended DBMS. PostgreSQL or SQLite can also be used, but support for them is somewhat less mature.

1. Install XAMPP (version 7.2 is the current minimum)[edit]

This installs all requirements listed in the table on the side.

2. In directory where you want you mediawiki installation to reside, run:[edit]

git clone ""

This will clone Mediawiki core in the folder of your choosing.

3. Change DocumentRoot and Directory in Apache config to point to your Mediawiki core folder[edit]

From your XAMPP control panel, open Apache config file named httpd.conf. Find DocumentRoot and Directory lines and change path from where your server should serve files. For example, on Windows, this could look like:

DocumentRoot "D:/path-to/mediawiki/core"
<Directory "D:/path-to/mediawiki/core">

4. Open http://localhost in browser and go through installation process[edit]

This tutorial assumes you're installing Mediawiki core for the first time, or doing it fresh. If you already had Mediawiki core, delete LocalSettings.php file to start installation again. In the installer, you will be asked to create database and admin users for your wiki, among other things. The process is quite self-explanatory and straightforward.

5. Try using your wiki to verify successful installation[edit]

6. To install extensions, from your core/extensions/ directory, run:[edit]

git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone "" git clone ""

7. Change directory to core/extensions/VisualEditor and run:[edit]

git submodule update --init

8. Change directory to core/skins/ and run:[edit]