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Developer utilities for working with MediaWiki and Wikimedia services.


      --help             Help for this command
      --no-interaction   Do not ask any interactive questions
  -v, --verbose count    Increase output verbosity. Example: --verbose=2 or -vv

SEE ALSO[edit]

  • mw codesearch - Search MediaWiki and Wikimedia code
  • mw config - Display or change configuration settings
  • mw docker - The MediaWiki-Docker-Dev like development environment
  • mw gerrit - Interact with the Wikimedia Gerrit instance (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • mw gitlab - Interact with the Wikimedia Gitlab instance
  • mw toolhub - Interact with the Wikimedia Toolhub (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • mw tools - Interact with any Wikimedia “Tool”
  • mw update - Checks for and performs updates
  • mw version - Output the version information
  • mw wiki - Interact with any MediaWiki wiki (WORK IN PROGRESS)