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What: Stale Bugs Triage

When: 17:00 UTC Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - Time Converter: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Where: #wikimedia-dev on freenode - Can use http://webchat.freenode.net if you don't have an IRC client

Full list of bug reports that can be triaged today: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/buglist.cgi?bug_severity=blocker&bug_severity=critical&bug_severity=major&bug_severity=normal&bug_severity=minor&bug_severity=trivial&chfieldto=1y&f1=longdescs.count&list_id=176394&o1=lessthaneq&resolution=---&v1=1


valeriej, andre, matanya, some help from developers

About 30 bug reports that got acted on[edit]


   Error with non standard http port under apache and php in cgi-mode
   The codebase has totally changed in the last six years and the workaround managed wouldn't work anymore (no HTTP_HOST in the codebase anymore). Hence closing as WORKSFORME.


   redirect on cross-page deletion
   Asked for a testcase for this "Special Page" function, and exact steps to reproduce; 


   Include HTML meta tags for pages' Atom/RSS feeds in article view mode
   Not sure what reporter is asking.. Do they want to add links to the feeds on the article page?
   If so, drop to enhancement?
   I've added a comment with an interpretation how I understand that request. It's still valid if I get it right.


   PathInfo causing forms to not work
   Wondering if that report is valid, custom pathinfo entered in LocalSettings.php - updated the summary


   Unitful values for display and comparison


   New page preview modifies Main_page content
   Mentions Extension WikEd ( https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WikEd ) 
   Tried to enable the gadget in Preferences, but it won't show up on FF18 for me
   Can't test to confirm so I asked if the reporter is still seeing the issue


   Move wgUseDynamicDates from core to a extension
   Looks more like a wish to me. I've moved it to "Parser" component, still valid as per codebase


   OutputHandler is not initialized depending on PHP.ini settings
   Still valid in 1.21 as per codebase


   When user is logging out via https, insecure cookies keeping user state should be cleared as well
   I can reproduce this, but I wonder if it's a MediaWiki software or a Wikimedia server configuration issue. Also wondering if this is related to bug 20643


   'Rate this page' text is merged and unreadable
   This was misfiled under User Survey - dup'ed as an ArticleFeedback bug

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/21944 - Wikimedia: General/Unknown

   Morebots doesn't log entries containing non-ASCII characters
       moved to IRC component; I don't dare to retest by writing "!log á" or such in #wikimedia-operations
   confirmed with a test instance thanks to andrewbogott

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/27294 - Wikimedia: General/Unknown

   Rewrite Wikimedia's sync scripts (scap, sync-file, etc.)
   andre updating it - likely obsoleted by git-deploy

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/22356 - Wikimedia: Interwiki links

   Searching article's internal error
       andre taking a look at it, looks like a PHP folder depth issue and nothing that Wikimedia could fix.
   Well, more like an enhancement request to set a value.

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/18541 - Wikimedia: IRC

   Article names on IRC feed have lost wikilinks when protecting/unprotecting
       andre waiting for a page protection now to compare IRC feed and HTML log
   Yeah, still an issue, unfortunately. Confirmed.

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/30791 - Wikimedia: Language setup

   Uploadwizard Commons: link back to other uploadpage into language of preferences
       this feels like a dup to me, now let me try to find it
   marktraceur found it. Marked as dup.

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/33679 - Wikimedia: User survey

   'Rate this page' text is merged and unreadable
       Dup. Interestingly this and another AFT ticket were filed under "User Survey", hence clarified the Bugzilla component description.

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/12060 - MediaWiki: Categories

   blue link to previous pages even though there are none.

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/21463 - MediaWiki: Categories

   hook to page links in categorypage.php
       Still valid, but an enhancement request

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/11859 - MediaWiki: Database

   UTF8 Database Creation

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/21191 - MediaWiki: History/Diffs

   main page's page history showing misrendered parens
       I18N problem, cannot reproduce
   Closed as WORKSFORME 2013-01-29

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/24706 - MediaWiki: Interface

   Search autocomplete incorrectly fills search box
       Cannot reproduce.
   Closed as WORKSFORME 2013-01-29

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/16005 - MediaWiki: Page editing

   Parentheses around table elements triggers a ""Method Not Implemented"" error.
       Could not reproduce. Left comment for reporter to retest.
          Closed as WORKSFORME 2013-02-20

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/32926 - MediaWiki: Page editing

   Interwikis gets doubled decoded

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/12221 - MediaWiki: Parser

   Without tidy: wrongly closed table cell messes up display completely
   As per IRC convo, closed as WONTFIX

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/24611 - MediaWiki: Parser

   ""justify paragraphs"" option, outline after clicking on link out of position in IE8
       Could not reproduce on IE 9 or IE 9 compatibility mode
   Closed as WORKSFORME

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/30097 - MediaWiki: Parser

   output of #nowiki differs from nowiki
   Closed as WONTFIX

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/25328 - MediaWiki extensions: LiquidThreads

   Left side links missing
       UI seems to have changed
   Asked reporter to retest
       Closed as WORKSFORME 2013-02-20

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/27725 - MediaWiki extensions: LiquidThreads

   Username invisible on thread overview page
   Checked linked mentioned in description 
   Did not see error described
   Asked for retest

https://bugs.wikimedia.org/33241 - MediaWiki extensions: WebFonts

   WebFonts doesnt render on textboxes in Symbian S60 v3 FP1
       can't reproduce. -- matanya