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This page outlines implementation options to resolve bugzilla:36064 ("Provide a way to mark a Bugzilla ticket as 'needs more information'"). Comments and editing welcome.

Needinfo flag[edit]

  • Implementation as an extension providing a flag, similar to the existing "Backport_WMF" flag. A checkbox below the comment field is shown (see this screenshot).
  • Used by e.g. bugzilla.mozilla.org and bugzilla.redhat.com.


  • needinfo can be filed against specific persons who are expected to provide missing information; needinfo requests addressed to a user are shown on the Bugzilla frontpage under "Requests addressed to me".
  • More obvious way to clear needinfo request: "I am providing the requested information (clears the needinfo request)" checkbox displayed below the comment field of a ticket when the needinfo flag is set.
  • "Because needinfo is a flag and not an exclusive state, these bugs can also simultaneously be marked as NEW, ASSIGNED, etc, where appropriate." (quote from Fedora)


Needinfo status[edit]

  • Implementation as an (open) status (like NEW, ASSIGNED or RESOLVED).
  • Used by e.g. bugs.kde.org (NEEDSINFO), bugzilla.gnome.org, bugzilla.novell.com, bugs.merproject.org (NEEDINFO).


  • Way easier to query for and to exclude tickets in NEEDINFO status by setting/excluding it via the "Status" list in Advanced Search.


  • Not obvious that a user providing missing information is expected to reset the bug status from NEEDINFO to the previous status, whatever the previous status was (might be able to write some custom code to display as a reminder though?) hence observation and more manual resetting of ticket status expected.
  • Needs social convention that comment should address who is expected to provide more information (and how) when setting NEEDINFO status.

Needinfo keyword[edit]

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