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This page is a staging area for product teams who wish to add new experiments to the Beta Features project.

We invite product owners who would like to experiment with a new feature to add it to this list, and answer these questions:

  1. What is this feature? Describe its main purpose and function.
  2. What will happen when this feature is enabled through this Beta Features tool?
  3. If replacing an existing feature, which, and what will the differences be to a user?

Please fill in answers to the questions for each feature, and add any other features which you would like to test through this project.

For more tips on how to prepare your feature for inclusion Beta Features program, check the Package page. Once considered, proposals are placed in the archive.

Performance Inspector[edit]

Problem to solve…

Be the one place for a user to find performance-related metrics for a page.

What does it do?

The inspector collects metrics from images, parser profiling and ResourceLoader modules and makes them accessible.

When enabled, Performance Inspector provides a link in the Tools section, labelled Performance Inspector.


info | help | discussion


Peter Hedenskog and the performance team.

Fixed Site Header (Winter)[edit]

Problem to solve…

Allow access to existing and new site functions irrespective of scroll position on page, especially search.

What does it do?

Site header will remain fixed to the top of the browser when the user scrolls down the page


info | discussion


Brandon Harris

Annotations/Community Highlighter[edit]

Problem to solve…

Highlight important content and comment on it

What does it do?

Allow individual users to store and view public annotations on articles. See most common highlights directly on page.




Richa Jain (GSOC), Matt Flaschen, Steven Walling

Semantic Figure Markup[edit]

Problem to solve…

Test new markup for media on a page to allow developers to uncover any incompatibilities with gadgets and editors to check for visual layout issues.

What does it do?

Uses the HTML5 ‎<figure> and ‎<figcaption> elements for media rendered from wikitext.


task | implementation


Arlo Breault and the parsing team.

Link Everything[edit]

Problem to solve…

Support browsing by making all article text link to existing articles

What does it do?

Make all text n-grams link to existing pages on wiki, but don't style text as links (too visually busy)


info | discussion (Some brief discussion on this page's talkpage)


Up for grabs!

New ideas[edit]

I have some new ideas which makes more easier the edit of the projects and make more comfortable these projects for the users.

My ideas are the following:

  • Consolidated User pages which are let to the users to aggregate their former and recent user pages if they want. This programme can gather together their datas, contributions and so on if they give their other user pages identification datas and after that their consolidated contributions appear in the list of their contributions.
  • Edit counter which let to the editors to display the number of their edits, new articles and contributions in other projects of Wikimedia.
  • WikiTrans, which works as the Hovercards now, but it shows the frequently appearing sentences in different languages which could be set in the settings of this programme. It can help for those users a lot whom can not really have foreign language skills.

I know these are only ideas, but I hope these new features could help somewhere in the future for users of Wikimedia to enjoy more their contributions in the Wikimedia projekts. But I have no skills to edit or create these functions so if somebody see fantasy in these ideas please try to create it. Porbóllett (talk) 08:59, 4 February 2015 (UTC)

GlobalWatchlist Vue version[edit]

Feature name

GlobalWatchlist Vue display

Feature description

Early testing of the new GlobalWatchlist Vue display.


Needs to be created in GlobalWatchlist extension, see phab:T284522

Thanks, --DannyS712 (talk) 01:22, 8 June 2021 (UTC)