Auth systems/OAuth/Library


  • New BSD License
  • last update 2011-07-16
  • 2200 lines of PHP (only 1050 excluding tests and examples)
  • Consumer depends on HTTP_Request2 but Provider appears to have no such dependency.
  • Can be bundled in a fake PEAR tree with include_path set appropriately
  • Minimal reference documentation.
  • Only supports one signature method, which is just a single hash_hmac() call.
  • Fairly awkward request handling, but we can just rewrite it if this is all we need. Our own equivalent library written from scratch would be ~300 lines (with only the provider part).

PECL Extension

  • MIT License
  • Last update Nov 2010
  • No dependencies, easily bundled (but needs to be in include_path)
  • Needs add-on PHP file inside library tree to store via MW's DB layer, no simple callback interface provided
  • 6800 lines of PHP
  • Brief reference documentation in doc comments only. Has a provider tutorial.
  • Security of the SQL store was totally broken until March 2011

  • Namespaces
  • Recent development
  • License?
  • 568 lines of PHP.
  • No need to bother integrating such a small library, just write it from scratch if this is all we need.

  • 3600 lines of PHP
  • Includes UI
  • Supports two signature methods: HMAC (with hash_hmac) and RSA (with openssl_sign)