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Status[edit | edit source]


Most work was spent on SUL Finalization tasks. Phpunit and browser tests were added for CentralAuth, global rename was deployed, and lots of small fixes were made to CentralAuth to clean up user accounts in preparation for finalization.

Rationale[edit | edit source]

There are several specific issues with the existing, authentication methods used on the WMF sites:

  • Increasingly, 3rd party cookies are disabled in browsers
  • Several bugs related to CentralAuth's single sign-on system

Additionally, several new features for authentication and authorization have been requested:

  • OpenID
  • OAuth
  • Cross-wiki editing (Mobile, VisualEditor)

Timeline[edit | edit source]

See Auth systems/2013


  • August 2013: SUL2 (fixing CentralAuth bugs and modernizing single-user signon for newer browsers)
  • August 2013: Wikimedia-internal cross-wiki edit tokens
  • November 2013: OAuth
  • Delayed until sometime in 2014: OpenID

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