Auth systems/OAuth/IRC log 2013-05-16


May 17 11:03:58 <csteipp> Hey TimStarling, thanks for the reviews last night.
May 17 11:04:37 <TimStarling> no problem
May 17 11:05:29 <csteipp> I was hoping anomie|away would show up, and the two of you could hammer out any final changes that were needed, but he may be off
May 17 11:06:53 <csteipp> I think Aaron|home's patch looks better now, so I think we just need to get to the point of merging Brad's stuff, and then we could deploy to test/test2 for some final evaluation and testing.
May 17 11:07:19 <anomie|away> I'm here, just a minute while I finish something
May 17 11:07:32 <TimStarling> it looks like he did do a progress bar on the CentralLogin page
May 17 11:08:17 <csteipp> Yeah, we talked a little this morning, and I thought that sounded like a good idea. Along with a fairly generic success message.
May 17 11:08:44 <TimStarling> I had to change around my CentralAuth test setup to use separate domains rather than separate paths
May 17 11:09:00 <TimStarling> since the CORS code didn't cooperate with the idea of having multiple wikis on the same domain
May 17 11:09:30 <TimStarling> but once that was done, it was fairly easy to test
May 17 11:10:05 * anomie|away is now known as anomie
May 17 11:10:33 <anomie> ok, I'm fully here now
May 17 11:10:44 <csteipp> Great :)
May 17 11:11:16 <csteipp> Really the only thing I wanted to cover tonight is to make sure you and Tim had some time to hammer out any remaining issues for getting the js check merged
May 17 11:11:33 <anomie> ok
May 17 11:12:16 <csteipp> It sounds like Tim has it setup and testing it. TimStarling, any other things you think Brad should do before we roll this out to test/test2?
May 17 11:14:34 <TimStarling> I'm just looking at the latest changes
May 17 11:16:15 <TimStarling> so the progress bar disappears after the request completes?
May 17 11:16:29 <anomie> Yes. But if we really want it to say that's an easy enough change.
May 17 11:19:31 <TimStarling> just adding in some sleeps to get a feel for what it's going to look like...
May 17 11:22:34 <TimStarling> the list code is rather specific to English
May 17 11:22:49 <anomie> How so?
May 17 11:24:57 <anomie> I don't see any subclasses overriding Language::listToText, and unless I screwed up the output is the same even though the code isn't. Except for the serial comma.
May 17 11:25:41 <TimStarling> yeah, listToText() is curious
May 17 11:26:01 <TimStarling> I have a feeling it's wrong for japanese though
May 17 11:32:15 <TimStarling> anyway, I think I'd rather not have the domain list at all, unless there is some really solid reason for having it
May 17 11:32:35 <TimStarling> just leave the progress bar there, and maybe show a tick icon when it gets to 100%
May 17 11:33:02 <anomie> I'm fine with removing it; csteipp wanted it this morning
May 17 11:33:06 <anomie> hmm, tick icon.
May 17 11:33:23 <anomie> Do we already have one of those hiding in jquery somewhere?
May 17 11:33:35 * James_F is now known as James_F|Away
May 17 11:34:34 <TimStarling> there is skins/common/images/tick-32.png
May 17 11:35:10 <csteipp> I defer to Tim on that. I was thinking some people might miss it, but if it's sane to just get rid of it, I'd say go for it.
May 17 11:35:43 <TimStarling> the message as it is looks like a lot of reading material
May 17 11:35:55 <TimStarling> and doesn't provide a lot of value to the user
May 17 11:36:33 <TimStarling> it's not cross-project promotion, if there is no logo or link
May 17 11:37:21 <csteipp> Was that a goal of the original icons?
May 17 11:37:54 <TimStarling> not really
May 17 11:38:16 <TimStarling> there was no link in that case either
May 17 11:38:42 <TimStarling> do you think the page should redirect to the returnto page after a second or two?
May 17 11:40:55 <csteipp> that would be kindof nice
May 17 11:41:22 <csteipp> although I'm a little worried at how people will perceive the length of the time that we're "doing stuff" for login
May 17 11:41:32 <csteipp> And another redirect I think would extend that
May 17 11:42:07 <csteipp> Unless we put the autologin iframes on loginwiki
May 17 11:43:15 <anomie> Does jQuery not provide wgStylePath? Ugh.
May 17 11:44:14 <TimStarling> sad to see the crystal icons were replaced by "gnome" icons, whatever those are
May 17 11:46:30 <TimStarling> I'm looking in my /usr/share/pixmaps and I don't see any tick...
May 17 11:54:51 <TimStarling> ah right, it is from
May 17 11:55:55 <TimStarling> by "gnome icon" the committer meant "from a random gnome theme"
May 17 11:56:05 <TimStarling> (crystal is a gnome theme too of course)
May 17 12:01:24 <TimStarling> anyway, you can just get that SVG and render it at the size you need, if you want to use that tick
May 17 12:01:50 <TimStarling> or there's 16, 22, 24 and 32 px versions in the GNOME-colors subversion
May 17 12:06:54 <csteipp> Cool, so Tim, once Brad finished that, anything else you think we should do before rolling this out?
May 17 12:09:07 <TimStarling> how will deployment work? robla was under the impression that the new features can be switched off in configuration, but I don't think that is true of 62194
May 17 12:11:46 <csteipp> Brad did make an update that so it works without the central domain, but yeah, that would change the UI
May 17 12:12:25 <TimStarling> I suppose the idea is that with $wgCentralAuthLoginWiki = false, 58924 will work as before
May 17 12:12:52 <csteipp> Since 62194 is fairly independent, we can roll it out later..
May 17 12:13:08 <csteipp> Yes, on 58924
May 17 12:14:26 <TimStarling> deploying 62194 to any of the wikis in $wgCentralAuthAutoLoginWikis would break every wiki that doesn't have 62194, right?
May 17 12:14:50 <anomie> New revision of 62194 up
May 17 12:15:11 <TimStarling> because Special:AutoLogin is removed so all the cross-domain icon images would fail
May 17 12:15:18 <csteipp> Oh, I just noticed it deleted that
May 17 12:15:25 <csteipp> So yes, it would
May 17 12:15:46 <csteipp> So that is one we will have to deploy separately regardless
May 17 12:15:56 <csteipp> (since it relies on the target having 58924)
May 17 12:16:33 <TimStarling> is it possible to leave Special:AutoLogin in until later, for backwards compatibility?
May 17 12:17:12 <TimStarling> ideally we don't want to have to deploy any change to all wikis simultaneously
May 17 12:17:21 <csteipp> I think that makes sense (despite my desire to kill it asap)
May 17 12:20:23 <TimStarling> so, first we would deploy 58924 with $wgCentralAuthLoginWiki = false
May 17 12:20:38 <TimStarling> then we would set $wgCentralAuthLoginWiki = 'loginwiki' or whatever it's called
May 17 12:20:58 <TimStarling> then we would progressively roll out 62194 but with Special:AutoLogin still present
May 17 12:21:18 <TimStarling> then at some later date, we will would roll out a change which removes Special:AutoLogin
May 17 12:22:46 <csteipp> Yep
May 17 12:23:04 <TimStarling> ok
May 17 12:28:00 <anomie> Another new version of 62194 up
May 17 12:28:09 <anomie> Also 64253
May 17 12:29:19 <TimStarling> thanks anomie