Architecture committee/2015-08-26


Minutes from last week:

Pending action items[edit]

  • Robla: figuring out the process for getting owner for blocked/stalled RFCs
  • RobLa: switch to using Google Docs as notetaking software
  • robla: followup by email on dependency tracking/change propagation
  • RobLa: figure out meetbot stuff

RFCs to triage[edit]

(see Inbox column)

  • T34695 Implement, Review and Deploy Wikicaptcha - old task recently added to the board. -> requesting update from Ricordisamoa

IRC meeting scheduling[edit]

This week[edit] Replace Tidy in MW parser with HTML 5 parse/reserialize

Next week[edit]

  • T88666 Requests for comment/Master & slave datacenter strategy for MediaWiki
    • ori and aaron seem available

Other business[edit]