Architecture committee/2015-08-19


People present: Brion, Mark, Tim, RobLa, Gabriel, Roan, Ori, Daniel

Minutes from last week: Architecture committee/2015-08-12

Pending action items[edit]

RFCs to triage[edit]

Ori requests scheduling of Requests for comment/Master & slave datacenter strategy for MediaWiki (T88666)

Ori: thinks there was consensus and *thinks* this was approved. Wants to check assumptions before rubberstamping

  • Ori: question about Redis, and make sure Ops concerns are addressed
  • Mark: there was a meeting that Aaron couldn't make it to on this subject
  • Gabriel: quite a few related things have happened since as well; generally good to sync up on Aaron's efforts
  • Next steps?
  • [Brion: I think the main thing is making sure people are aware of this when they write other new code, to make sure it doesn't break assumptions!]
  • Gabriel: get general update for/from everybody

Schedule for Sept 2nd (Aug 26 is bad due to managers offsite)

  • Aug 26: a possibility, lightly attended by committee
  • Tim: Tidy Rfc? phab:T89331


  • Aug 26: Tidy
  • Sept 2: Datacenter strategy

Daniel: let's make sure that we have an owner assigned for everything in the blocked/stalled column

IRC meeting scheduling[edit]

This week[edit]

Next week[edit]

Other business[edit]

Prep for next week's management offsite (Rob)[edit]

Collect (architectural) projects for the FY15-16 roadmap, categorized in short-term/long-term maintenance, and new (feature) work

  • RobLa's personal mission is more procedurally based (RFC process etc.)

brion: what kind of horizon? next few quarters, 3 years, 5 years?

MediaWiki / Wikimedia strategy: small/large installs, SOA

RobLa: establish credibility of the ArchCom model, be in a position to develop a credible long-term strategy


  • Brion: Multi-datacenter infrastructure (supported by committee)
  • Tim: where is that doc we wrote in Lyon? Architecture focus 2015, brainstorm doc at phab:T96903
  • Brion: change propagation, better infrastructure support for messaging and notifications. Communicating with people and other processes. Good bus is very important for all of this. Job queue is kind of a nightmare still.
    • Daniel: agree with it generally, but we need to agree on the scope. Figuring out the scope
    • Tim: there's a Phab ticket for change propagation: phab:T102476
  • RobLa: Dependency tracking
  • Two components of Change Propagation
    • Queueing
    • Dependency tracking
  • Gabriel: RFCs related to Change Propagation at phab:T102476, phab:T105845
    • Gabriel: Goal for the Services team starting this quarter
  • Gabriel: content replication and caching. We need a way of identifying things that need updating.
  • Mark: Gilles image storage work
  • Daniel: Content storage (upcoming discussion on IRC, see phab:T107595 )
    • Daniel: necessary for fine-grained dependency tracking

Other business[edit]

  • Maybe we'll talk about whether Etherpad is still the right tool for the job. It's probably fine for the most part, but it does have a few less fine things about it (e.g. authorship, authorization/identity, clunky history)
  • Update on content WG
    • discussed phab:T105845
      • use cases: most focus on infoboxes, navboxes
      • future of templates: much support for working towards balancing templates
      • general requirements for page components: dependency tracking, metadata, addressing
    • James following up with Inez
    • Next meeting next Monday

New action items[edit]

  • Robla: figuring out the process for getting owner for blocked/stalled RFCs
  • RobLa: switch to using Google Docs as notetaking software
  • RobLa: followup by email on dependency tracking/change propagation
  • RobLa: figure out meetbot stuff