Architecture committee/2015-07-29


People present: Tim, Gabriel, S

Minutes from last week: Architecture_committee/2015-07-22

Pending action items[edit]

  • Gabriel to invite people to front-end ongoing WG meeting on phab:T105845 (content widgets) and/or phab:T102476 (change propagation)

RFCs to triage[edit]

Assigned Gabriel's new RFCs to him, moved some to "blocked/stalled/draft" and "under discussion"

IRC meeting scheduling[edit]

This week[edit]

Next week[edit]

Other business[edit]

  • Aaron's replication work
  • Gabriel meet about front-end topics
  • Two WGs:
    • Frontend, content, widgets, the path from the API to the user
    • Behind the API: content storage, event & change propagation, replication

phab:T102476 (RFC: Thoughts / notes on change propagation)

  • analytics Kafka plans may help
  • Tim mentions OAI, Brion extension to notify users
  • concrete problem: RESTBase has to write a job to put changes in the queue, but difficult to get the jobs to run in the correct order (page change, then Mobile update, then ...)

Re: phab:T105652 content model storage

  • Tim: Extra table and a query for the content model ID isn't a performance win, but saves size.
  • Tim: biggest thing in core tables is the revision comment, and there's a proposal to increase comment from 256 to 1024... maybe move revision comments to separate table.
  • Revision comments
    • Should we store those separately, e.g. in Cassandra
  • Further discussion took place in the RFC IRC office hour (see log)

New action items[edit]