Architecture committee/2015-07-22


People present: Gabriel, Tim, S, RobLa (late)

Minutes from last meeting: Architecture committee/2015-06-24

Pending action items[edit]


RFCs to triage[edit]

phab:T106099 RFC: Page composition using service workers and server-side fall-back (JavaScript) from Gabriel

    downside: can't build up a lot of state in the client-side
    Jake Archibald on chrome team built a prototype for wiki
    Ori & Timo looking into service workers for caching
    -> draft assigned to Gabriel to move forward

phab:T105845 Page components / content widgets, also from Gabriel

    Inez at Wikia developing something like this for Wikia infoboxes
    -> announce it to front-end working group.

phab:T105638 RFC: Streamlining Composer usage

-> asked Jan Zerebecki in ticket if ready for August 5 RFC office hour

IRC meeting scheduling[edit]

This week[edit]


Next week[edit]

Legoktm's phab:T105652 RfC: Content model storage

Other business[edit]

Gabriel working on change propagation phab:T102476, part of phab:T99088 (Evolving our content platform: Content adaptability, structured data and caching), which is first big area of phab:T96903 (arch priorities)
    also phab:T105766

general discussion with Rob about Technology/CTO
also governance, Gabriel mentions Rust governance

New action items[edit]

Gabriel to invite people to front-end ongoing WG meeting on phab:T105845:

  • Jon
  • Ori
  • Timo
  • Cscott
  • Subbu
  • Tim
  • Gergo
  • Daniel
  • Trevor

SPage to follow up with Legoktm about phab:T105652 for next week's RFC IRC office hour.

-> Legoktm says fine.

Publication of minutes: