Architecture committee/2014-12-03


People present: Tim, Mark, Daniel, Roan

Pending action items from last week[edit]

  • brion: flesh out Graph rfc w/ Yuri
  • Tim to write RFC on merging enhanced recentchanges with normal RC
  • Tim to Import all RFCs into phabricator
    • Maybe 10% done?
  • Gather topics for Arch Summit
  • Brion will put work on Graph RFC in Phabricator

RFCs to triage[edit]

More old RFCs:

RFC scheduling[edit]

This week[edit]

Next week[edit]

  • Subject to wikitech-l discussion

Other business[edit]

Dev summit planning: Robla says please get it done ASAP so that people can prepare for the sessions.

Some updates done

  • group to go to for advice about arch stuff, with a reasonable expectation to get feedback
  • RFC wrangling, posting notes, updating RFC pages etc.
    • Rotate responsibilities instead of expecting Tim to do it?
    • Tim to write checklist re things that should be done (some are being done, some aren't)
  • Introduce stalled status
  • More phabricator integration

New action items[edit]

  • Daniel to send an email to wikitech-l regarding old RFCs to discuss next week.