Architecture committee/2014-10-08


People present: Tim, Mark, Brion, Roan, Daniel, Quim.

Last week:

Pending action items[edit]

  • Tim to send email to wikitech-l requesting suggestions of RFCs that people are interested in working on. Also mention in public IRC meeting.
    • Done
  • Tim to note, as part of another email, that we are expanding the committee, details to follow.
    • Done
  • Mark to email all committee (+Quim) about expansion, plans for meetings, meeting attendance, etc.
    • Half done
  • Tim to create Architecture committee. Others to please edit.
  • EVERYONE: think about architecture committee roles page
  • Quim to publish committee minutes for now
    • Done

RFCs to triage[edit]

Other business[edit]


  • recommend rotating between current time (Wed 1pm PT / 10pm Europe) and mark's alt time (Tue 11pm PT / Wed 8am Europe)
    • also rotate the RFC meeting adjacent to it
    • let RFC maintainers request one or the other
    • start the rotation week after next

RFC process[edit]

  • Daniel suggests each member having a veto power, rather than looking for unanimity
    • i like this (brion)
  • what _is_ an rfc? better define their use, scope, aim
    • some need an approval ("go/no go")
    • some need resources. this is something we need to discuss. (push things towards directors' agendas after our approval -- this is potentially hard :D )
      • influence over resources, not management/assignment

Roles notes[edit]

  • when we identify things that need doing, help push them.... possibly through the RfC process (but need to make things happen! need resources...)
  • have a better plan for making recommendations to WMF, WMDE etc engineering prioritization
    • (follow up on that spreadsheet from a couple weeks ago?) (in private draft still) -> be more formally in that process next quarter
    • put together our own shortlist of priorities

Library infrastructure[edit]

  • check in w/ bryan davis on status of this with logging lib etc?
    • probably wait for that to happen before we start pushing on new stuff

New action items[edit]