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  • 19:11 joal: Kill-Restart coord_pageviews_top_bycountry_monthly ooie job from 2015-05
  • 19:10 joal: Add fake data to cassandra to silent alarms (Thanks again ema)
  • 18:56 joal: Truncating table "local_group_default_T_top_bycountry"."data" in cassandra before reload
  • 15:21 mforns: refinery deployment using scap and then deploying onto hdfs finished
  • 15:07 mforns: starting refinery deployment
  • 12:43 elukey: piwik on bohrium re-enabled
  • 12:40 elukey: set piwik in readonly mode and stopped mysql on bohrium (prep step for reboot)
  • 09:38 elukey: reboot thorium (analytics webserver) for security upgrade - This maintenance will cause temporary unavailability of the Analytics websites
  • 09:37 elukey: resumed druid hourly index jobs via hue and restored pivot's configuration
  • 09:21 elukey: reboot druid1001 for kernel upgrades
  • 09:00 elukey: suspended hourly druid batch index jobs via Hue
  • 08:58 elukey: temporarily set druid1002 in superset's druid cluster config (via UI)
  • 08:53 elukey: temporarily point pivot's configuration to druid1002 (druid1001 needs to be rebooted)
  • 08:52 elukey: disable druid1001's middlemanager as prep step for reboot
  • 07:11 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-wf-misc-2018-1-18-3 via Hue


  • 17:33 elukey: killed the banner impression spark job (application_1515441536446_27293) again to force it to respawn (real time indexers not present)
  • 17:29 elukey: restarted all druid overlords on druid100[123] (weird race condition messages about who was the leader for some task)
  • 16:24 elukey: re-run all the pageview-druid-hourly failed jobs via Hue
  • 14:42 elukey: restart druid middlemanager on druid1003 as attempt to unblock realtime streaming
  • 14:21 elukey: forced kill of banner impression data streaming job to get it restarted
  • 11:44 elukey: re-run pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2018-1-17-9 and pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2018-1-17-8 (failed due to druid1002's middlemanager being in a weird state after reboot)
  • 11:44 elukey: restart druid middlemanager on druid1002
  • 10:38 elukey: stopped all crons on hadoop-coordinator-1
  • 10:37 elukey: re-run webrequest-druid-hourly-wf-2018-1-17-8 (failed due to druid1002's reboot)
  • 10:22 elukey: reboot druid1002 for kernel upgrades
  • 09:53 elukey: disable druid middlemanager on druid1002 as prep step for reboot
  • 09:46 elukey: rebooted analytics1003
  • 09:46 elukey: removed upstart config for brrd on eventlog1001 (failing and spamming syslog, old leftover?)
  • 08:53 elukey: disabled camus as prep step for analytics1003 reboot


  • 13:39 elukey: stop eventlogging and reboot eventlog1001 for kernel updates
  • 09:58 elukey: rolling reboots of aqs hosts (1005->1009) for kernel updates
  • 09:11 elukey: reboot aqs1004 for kernel updates


  • 13:03 joal: Rerun webrequest-load-wf-text-2018-1-12-9
  • 13:02 joal: Rerun webrequest-load-wf-upload-2018-1-12-9
  • 10:33 elukey: reboot analytics1066->69 for kernel updates
  • 09:07 elukey: reboot analytics1063->65 for kernel updates


  • 22:35 ottomata: restarting kafka-jumbo brokers to apply
  • 22:04 ottomata: restarting kafka-jumbo brokers to apply
  • 20:57 ottomata: restarting kafka-jumbo brokers to apply
  • 17:37 joal: Kill manual banner-streaming job to see it restarted by cron
  • 17:11 ottomata: restart kafka on kafka-jumbo1003
  • 17:08 ottomata: restart kafka on kafka-jumbo1001...something is not right with my certpath change yesterday
  • 14:46 joal: Deploy refinery onto HDFS
  • 14:33 joal: Deploy refinery with Scap
  • 14:07 joal: Manually restarting banner streaming job to prevent alerting
  • 13:23 joal: Killing banner-streaming job to have it auto-restarted from cron
  • 11:45 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-wf-text-2018-1-11-8 (failed due to reboots)
  • 11:39 joal: rerun mediacounts-load-wf-2018-1-11-8
  • 10:48 joal: Restarting banner-streaming job after hadoop nodes reboot
  • 10:01 elukey: reboot analytics1059-61 for kernel updates
  • 09:34 elukey: reboot analytics1055->1058 for kernel updates
  • 09:04 elukey: reboot analytics1051->1054 for kernel updates


  • 16:56 elukey: reboot analytics1048->50 for kernel updates
  • 16:23 ottomata: restarting kafka jumbo brokers to apply certpath restrictions
  • 11:51 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-wf-upload-2018-1-10-10 (failed due to reboots)
  • 11:27 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-wf-text-2018-1-10-10 (failed due to reboots)
  • 11:26 elukey: reboot analytics1044->47 for kernel updates
  • 11:03 elukey: reboot analytics1040->43 for kernel updates


  • 16:53 joal: Rerun pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2018-1-9-13
  • 15:33 elukey: stop mysql on dbstore1002 as prep step for shutdown (stop all slaves, mysql stop)
  • 15:10 elukey: reboot analytics1028 (hadoop worker and hdfs journal node) for kernel updates
  • 15:00 elukey: reboot kafka-jumbo1006 for kernel updates
  • 14:41 elukey: reboot kafka-jumbo1005 for kernel updates
  • 14:33 elukey: reboot kafka1023 for kernel updates
  • 14:04 elukey: reboot kafka1022 for kernel updates
  • 13:51 elukey: reboot kafka-jumbo1003 for kernel updates
  • 10:08 elukey: reboot kafka-jumbo1002 for kernel updates
  • 09:35 elukey: reboot kafka1014 for kernel updates


  • 19:07 milimetric: Deployed refinery and synced to hdfs
  • 15:23 elukey: reboot kafka1013 for kernel updates
  • 13:40 elukey: reboot analytics10[36-39] for kernel updates
  • 12:59 elukey: reboot kafka1012 for kernel updates
  • 12:43 joal: Deploy AQS from tin
  • 12:36 fdans: Deploying AQS
  • 12:33 joal: Update fake-data in cassandra adiing top-by-country needed row
  • 11:07 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-wf-text-2018-1-8-8 (failed after some reboots due to kernel updates)
  • 10:07 elukey: drain + reboot analytics1029,1031->1034 for kernel updates


  • 09:01 elukey: re-enabled puppet on db110[78] - eventlogging_sync restarted on db1108 (analytics-slave)


  • 08:09 elukey: re-enable eventlogging mysql consumers after database maintenance


  • 13:18 fdans: deploying AQS


  • 19:54 joal: Deploying refinery onto hadoop
  • 19:45 joal: Deploy refinery using scap
  • 19:38 joal: Deploy refinery-source using jenkins
  • 16:01 ottomata: killing json_refine_eventlogging_analytics job that started yesterday and has not completed (has no executors running?) application_1512469367986_81514. I think the cluster is just too busy? mw-history job running...
  • 10:34 elukey: re-run mediacounts-archive-wf-2018-01-03


  • 15:00 ottomata: restarting kafka-jumbo brokers to enable tls version and cipher suite restrictions


  • 11:13 joal: Kill and restart cassandra loading oozie bundle to pick new pageview_top_bycountry job
  • 08:22 elukey: restart druid coordinators to pick up new jvm settings (freeing up 6GB of used memory)


  • 15:54 joal: Start backfilling monthly pageview-by-country
  • 15:45 joal: deploy refinery onto HDFSb
  • 15:38 joal: Deploying refinery with Scap


  • 15:40 ottomata: removing some old webrequest data from hdfs
  • 14:56 ottomata: dropping some old wmf.webrequest partitions and data


  • 17:28 elukey: re-enabled superset
  • 17:16 joal: Initilizaing new cassandra keyspace for pageviews/top-by-country
  • 16:52 elukey: temporarily stop superset to test druid's performances
  • 16:34 elukey: manually started eventlogging cleaner on db1107 to purge/sanitize data up to 90 days ago (tmux is running for user eventlogcleaner)
  • 14:10 elukey: temporary changed JVM Heap settings for the druid broker on druid1001 - Xmx25g Xms10g (run puppet and restart the daemon to rollback)


  • 15:54 milimetric: sieging aqs1004 with 100.000 transactions


  • 14:07 elukey: disable druid middlemanager on druid1003 to drain + restart to pick up new logging settings
  • 12:59 elukey: disabled druid middlemanager on druid1002 to drain+restart with new logging config


  • 11:15 joal: Start mediawiki-history oozie jobs new-version
  • 10:49 joal: Update wmf.mediawiki_history as explained in email (rename current table to old, create new one)


  • 21:09 joal: Start clickstream oozie job
  • 20:45 joal: Kill restbase oozie job and restart apis replacing one
  • 20:12 joal: Trying to deploy refinery again
  • 19:30 joal: Deploying refinery now that -source is deployed
  • 18:39 milimetric: Deployed refinery-source using jenkins
  • 15:03 elukey: restart webrequest-misc load job (Dec 7 2017 06:00:00)
  • 12:24 elukey: camus re-enabled after analytics1003 reboot
  • 08:31 elukey: stop camus on an1003 as prep step for reboot


  • 14:55 elukey: restart hue to pick up the new oozie server
  • 14:55 elukey: oozie server accidentally restarted due to a puppet change (the service auto-restarts)
  • 11:22 elukey: disabled temporarily druid's middlemanager on druid1001 to test the Real Time monitor setting


  • 10:35 elukey: re-enable webrequest bundle and camus after reboots
  • 10:31 elukey: disabled druid middlemanager on druid1003 with curl -X POST http://druid1003.eqiad.wmnet:8091/druid/worker/v1/disable
  • 10:03 elukey: stop camus as precautionary measure before Hadoop masters reboot
  • 09:57 elukey: suspend webrequest load bundle as extra precaution before Hadoop masters reboot


  • 16:29 elukey: restart webrequest-load-wf-upload-2017-12-4-12 (failed due to hadoop reboots)
  • 16:12 elukey: restart webrequest-load-wf-upload-2017-12-4-13 (failed due to hadoop reboots)
  • 15:09 joal: Rerun webrequest-load-wf-upload-2017-12-4-12 and webrequest-load-wf-upload-2017-12-4-13
  • 15:08 joal: Rerunning 15:47:35 < fdans> whatuuuup mforns
  • 14:17 elukey: re-run pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-12-4-11 in Hue (failed due to reboots)
  • 12:04 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-wf-upload-2017-12-4-8 (failed due to reboots)
  • 12:04 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-check_sequence_statistics-wf-upload-2017-12-4-7 (failed due to reboots)


  • 11:47 joal: Rerun unique_devices-per_project_family-monthly-wf-2017-11


  • 15:20 elukey: rerun webrequest-druid-hourly-wf-2017-12-1-8 after an unexpected Druid Overlord inconsistency
  • 15:09 elukey: rerun pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-12-1-8 after an unexpected Druid Overlord inconsistency
  • 13:07 elukey: re-run aqs-hourly-wf-2017-12-1-8 (failed due to Hadoop reboots)
  • 12:42 elukey: temporarily switch pivot's config to druid1002 (to reboot druid1001)
  • 12:37 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-wf-upload-2017-12-1-10 and webrequest-load-wf-upload-2017-12-1-7 (failed due to Hadoop reboots)
  • 12:36 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-wf-text-2017-12-1-10 and webrequest-load-wf-text-2017-12-1-9 (failed due to Hadoop reboots)
  • 12:35 elukey: re-run pageview-hourly-wf-2017-12-1-8 (failed due to Hadoop reboots)
  • 12:34 elukey: re-run webrequest-druid-hourly-wf-2017-12-1-8 (failed due to Hadoop reboots)


  • 18:20 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-wf-upload-2017-11-30-16 (failed due to hadoop reboots)
  • 18:19 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-wf-text-2017-11-30-14 (failed due to hadoop reboots)
  • 16:21 joal: wikidata-wdqs_extract-wf-2017-11-30-15
  • 15:50 elukey: restart hue on thorium - timeouts and 500s
  • 14:58 joal: Update druid overlord config to equalDistribution dynamically


  • 21:46 joal: rerun pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-11-29-18 and pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-11-29-19
  • 21:19 joal: rerun webrequest-druid-hourly-wf-2017-11-29-18



  • 16:09 ottomata: restarting eventlogging services on eventlog1001



  • 15:25 milimetric: deployed refinery and running interlanguage links dataset now


  • 14:22 addshore: addshore@stat1005:/srv/analytics-wmde$ sudo -u analytics-wmde rm -rf /srv/analytics-wmde/r-library
  • 14:22 addshore: addshore@stat1005:/srv/analytics-wmde$ sudo -u analytics-wmde rm -rf /srv/analytics-wmde/installRlib


  • 09:45 elukey: executed chmod g+rx /home/ezachte/wikistats_data/dumps to unblock Joseph (should be safe)


  • 21:20 addshore: addshore@stat1005:/srv/analytics-wmde/wdcm/src$ sudo -u analytics-wmde Rscript ./_installProduction_analytics-wmde.R
  • 21:20 addshore: test
  • 14:44 joal: Resuming all druid loading jobs after fixing restart issues
  • 14:18 joal: Suspending pageview-druid-hourly-coord again trying to fix druid loadin
  • 14:10 joal: Unsuspend pageview-druid-hourly-coord
  • 13:08 joal: Suspend webrequest druid loading waiting for elukey
  • 13:05 joal: Rerun webrequest-druid-hourly-wf-2017-11-13-11
  • 11:15 elukey: suspend pageview-druid-hourly-coord to allow an easier druid daemon reload (new prometheus jvm agent)


  • 15:16 ottomata: deploying eventlogging analytics change for eventcapsule schema fixes, will be no-op until we deploy puppet changes too
  • 11:28 elukey: resumed cassandra-coord-pageview-per-project-hourly after maintenance to aqs hosts
  • 10:04 elukey: suspended cassandra-coord-pageview-per-project-hourly as prep step to reboot aqs nodes - T179943


  • 15:37 milimetric: found geowiki was hitting the wrong databases, updated it to always hit analytics-store


  • 10:55 joal: Kill mediawiki-history oozie job to prevent computing october snapshot before fixing reconstruction process


  • 08:54 elukey: relaunched failed pageview-druid-hourly jobs - Druid indexation check failures in the logs (01 Nov 2017 21:00:00 and 01 Nov 2017 19:00:00)


  • 20:06 ottomata: rerunning pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-11-1-18
  • 19:05 ottomata: deploying refinery with refinery/source 0.0.54 for JsonRefine job T162610
  • 18:40 ottomata: rerunning unique_devices-per_project_family-druid-monthly-wf-2017-10


  • 10:12 elukey: added Francisco to the analytics-alerts@ mailing list




  • 13:32 elukey: restart yarn nodemanager and hdfs datanode on analytics1030 to apply new JVM settings


  • 20:29 nuria_: started unique_devices-per_project_family-druid-daily-coord 0102816-170829140538136-oozie-oozi-C
  • 20:24 nuria_: restarted job unique_devices-per_project_family-druid-monthly-coord 0102799-170829140538136-oozie-oozi-C
  • 20:23 nuria_: restarted job uniques-monthly-per-domain-druid 0102785-170829140538136-oozie-oozi-C
  • 19:44 nuria_: killing druid coordinators uniques-monthly and per-project-family: 0066771-170829140538136-oozie-oozi-C,0066767-170829140538136-oozie-oozi-C,0010139-170621131133576-oozie-oozi-C


  • 18:50 joal: Deploying AQS after fix
  • 13:30 joal: deploy AQS from tin


  • 20:04 mforns: Deployed refinery using scap, then deployed onto hdfs
  • 11:44 joal: deploying AQS in beta
  • 11:44 joal: deploying AQS in b


  • 17:32 mforns: restarted EventLogging for changes in blacklist to take effect
  • 16:27 joal: Re-Deploy AQS after monitoring fix
  • 16:14 joal: Deploy AQS with new code


  • 16:49 ottomata: deployed refinery to use rand() for webrequest sampling


  • 15:40 elukey: run kafka preferred-replica-election to allow kafka1013 to re-join the topic leaders
  • 14:48 elukey: disable httpfs access on analytics1001


  • 18:28 ottomata: resuming oozie druid indexing jobs, 1004-1006 are offline
  • 16:34 ottomata: stopping druid services on druid1006
  • 16:05 ottomata: pausing all druid oozie coordinators in preperation for druid public separation
  • 12:47 joal: Kill restart oozie job lading mediawiki-history into druid
  • 12:14 joal: Kill-Restart oozie jobs loading banner data into druid
  • 12:04 joal: Deploy refinery onto HDFS
  • 11:47 joal: Deploying refinery from scap
  • 08:53 joal: Rerunning wikidata-articleplaceholder_metrics-wf-2017-10-7 after failure


  • 11:10 elukey: restart all druid daemons to pick up new logging changes
  • 11:08 joal: Rerun pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-10-6-9
  • 09:31 elukey: restart all the druid daemons on druid1005 to apply the new logging rules
  • 08:49 elukey: restarted all the druid broker daemons to pick up the new logging changes


  • 13:48 milimetric: restarted banner_activity-druid-monthly for September again


  • 18:39 ottomata: druid-analytics.svc.eqiad.wmnet:8082 should only be accessible to analytics networks
  • 17:32 ottomata: deploying new LVS service for druid-analytics-broker


  • 14:50 milimetric: restarted failed workflow 0057215-170829140538136-oozie-oozi-W (druid monthly banner activity)


  • 10:02 elukey: renabled camus after maintenance
  • 09:51 elukey: restart mapreduce history server on an1001 to apply new heap settings (Xmx/s to 4g)


  • 15:18 joal: Kill/restart stuck jobs
  • 14:45 elukey: rolling restart of all the Yarn nodemanager daemons on analytics1028-1068 (ease heap consumption pressure, seamless restart)
  • 13:40 elukey: manual failover of HDFS namenode from an1002 to an1001
  • 13:17 elukey: manual failover of HDFS namenode from an1001 to an1002 to test 6G max heap size
  • 13:14 elukey: restart mapreduce history server on analytics1001 after crash (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded)


  • 14:49 joal: restart mobile_apps session_metrics bundle
  • 14:49 joal: restart
  • 11:01 joal: Restart mediawiki-history-denormalize and mediawiki-history-druid jobs after deploy
  • 10:58 joal: Restart webrequest load job after deploy
  • 10:35 joal: Deploying refinery onto HDFS
  • 10:25 joal: Deploy Refinery with scap
  • 09:33 joal: Releasing refinery-source v0.0.53 with Jenskins


  • 08:41 joal: Rerun mobile_apps-session_metrics-wf- 2017-9-17 after failure


  • 19:24 joal: Rerun pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-9-19-17 failed during druid restart
  • 19:19 ottomata: restarting druid broker and historical processes with druid.processing.numMergeBuffers=10


  • 17:35 ottomata: restaring eventlogging processor(s) with MySQL blacklist of PageCreation schema


  • 16:08 ottomata: restarting druid-brokers with increase in query cache size
  • 11:15 joal: Kill-Restart mediawiki-history-denormalize-coord and launch new coords mediawiki-history-load and mediawiki-history-reduced
  • 11:11 joal: Kill-Restart oozie pageview druid loading jobs (hourly, daily, monthly)
  • 11:03 joal: Deploy refinery onto HDFS
  • 10:57 joal: Deploy refinery from scap
  • 10:08 joal: Deploying refinery-source using Jenkins


  • 08:41 joal: Rerun Workflow banner_activity-druid-daily-wf-2017-9-6


  • 08:55 joal: Kill - Restart mediawiki-history-druid-coord to pick last update


  • 18:30 joal: Rerun Workflow webrequest-load-wf-misc-2017-9-1-16 after very weird failure
  • 10:06 elukey: killed root rsyncs on thorium, disabled puppet
  • 01:31 ottomata: restarted hue (a few minutes ago) not totally sure why it died


  • 15:54 elukey: re-added analytics1055 among the hdfs/yarn worker after maintenance
  • 14:07 elukey: restart java daemons on druid100[456] for jvm security updates
  • 09:07 elukey: restart all jvm daemons on druid100[123] for security updates
  • 09:07 elukey: restart pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-8-30-7 in Hue after druid1001 daemons restart


  • 19:36 ottomata: restarting all kafka brokers and mirror maker processes to apply
  • 12:46 elukey: suspend oozie jobs from Hue to allow a easier restart of oozie/hive daemons


  • 13:57 elukey: restart kafka* on kafka1012 for openjdk security updates (canary)
  • 10:34 elukey: restart yarn and hdfs on analytics1030 for jvm updates (canary)


  • 19:50 joal: restart oozie webrequest-load bundle after bug correction
  • 19:46 joal: Deploy refinery onto hdfs
  • 19:41 joal: Deploying refinery from tin
  • 19:36 joal: Deployed werbrequest-source using jenkins for bug correction
  • 19:26 joal: Alter wmf.webrequest and wmf.wdqs_extract tables to correct bug
  • 19:25 joal: Kill oozie webrequest-load bundle for redeploy after bug correction
  • 11:04 joal: Update wmf.wdqs_extract table for normalized_host update
  • 10:12 joal: Restart oozie webrequest-load bundle after deploy and updates
  • 10:09 joal: Alter webrequest table before restarting oozie load bundle
  • 10:06 joal: Deploying refinery onto hdfs
  • 09:59 joal: Deploying refinery
  • 09:59 joal: Kill oozie webrequest-load bundle for restart after deploy
  • 08:25 joal: Deploying refinery-source v0.0.50 using jenkins


  • 19:52 joal: Drop / recreate wmf.mediawiki_history table for naming correction
  • 13:57 ottomata: sudo -u hdfs hdfs dfs -rm /tmp/druid-indexing/classpath/guava.jar (guava 11.0.2 is conflicting with guava 16.0.1. from druid-hdfs-storage-cdh extension). Not sure how guava 11.0.2 got there, but let's see if it doesn't come back
  • 08:27 joal: Rerun druid loading jobs after night failures


  • 13:46 ottomata: adding index on (database, rev_timestamp) on mediawiki_page_create_2 table on db1047: T170990
  • 13:26 ottomata: adding index on (database, rev_timestamp) on mediawiki_page_create_2 table on dbstore1002: T170990


  • 16:40 elukey: analytics1034 back in service after swapping the eth cable - T172633


  • 20:06 milimetric: stopped Wikimetrics web and queue on wikimetrics-01.eqiad.wmflabs because the queue ran into errors connecting to the database (max 10 connections limit reached)
  • 08:59 elukey: updated librdkafka1 to on eventlog1001


  • 18:39 elukey: restart projectview-hourly-wf-2017-8-8-14, pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-8-8-14, pageview-hourly-wf-2017-8-8-14 via Hue (analytics1055 disk failure)
  • 14:20 elukey: restart varnishkafka statsv/eventlogging instances to pick up (kafka protocol explicitly set to


  • 11:03 elukey: stop yarn on analytics1034 to reload the tg3 driver - T172633


  • 16:15 ottomata: druid cluster restarted with 0.9.2 mysql-metadata-storage extension, un-suspending oozie druid jobs
  • 14:11 ottomata: pausing oozie druid jobs and doing a cluster upgrade/restart again to make sure updated version of mysql-metadata-storage jar is properly loaded
  • 09:56 elukey: set piwik in maintenance mode to allow mysql updates
  • 08:08 elukey: restarted Druid jobs failed over night ( error) and due to Hive metastore restart
  • 08:03 elukey: restart hive-metastore to pick up new JVM Xms settings


  • 14:34 ottomata: beginning druid upgrade to 0.92 (take 2 :) )
  • 14:23 elukey: restart hive-server to pick up JVM Xms4g change
  • 14:22 ottomata: suspending druid oozie jobs


  • 17:24 ottomata: beginning druid upgrade to 0.9.2
  • 17:10 ottomata: pausing all druid oozie coordinators
  • 12:49 elukey: restart hive daemons on analytics1003 to pick up new jvm settings (bigger Xmx, JMX ports)
  • 10:05 elukey: suspended again webrequest-load-bundle as prep step to restart the hive daemons
  • 07:58 elukey: suspended webrequest-load-bundle as prep step to restart the hive daemons
  • 07:03 elukey: restarted mobile_apps-session_metrics-coord-global-30days failed job via Hue


  • 13:45 elukey: suspended webrequest-load-bundle as prep step to restart hive metastore/server
  • 10:34 elukey: restart hive-server on an1003 - beeline not connecting, thrift errors


  • 07:55 elukey: update nodejs to 6.11 on aqs1004 (testing prod node after beta qa)
  • 07:54 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-wf-upload-2017-7-28-6 from Hue (was playing with eth0 issues on an1034)
  • 02:08 ottomata: stat1002: disabled puppet, umounted /tmp, /home and /a, poweroff


  • 21:01 mforns: Deployed refinery using scap, then deployed onto hdfs
  • 18:57 mforns: Deployed refinery-source using jenkins


  • 15:24 elukey: restart cassandra loading after maintenance via hue
  • 13:06 elukey: stop cassandra load bundle, restarting AQS for jvm updates
  • 12:13 elukey: executed sudo apt-get remove openjdk-8-jre openjdk-8-jre-headless on druid nodes


  • 14:24 ottomata: restarted mysql-eventbus eventlogging consumer with new consumer group


  • 20:31 nuria_: restaring eventlogging on eventlog1001
  • 20:30 nuria_: deploying eventlogging c1c2c39411ccd002ff8cea197bc535155213f5fb and restarting
  • 18:18 ottomata: deleted instance deployment-eventlogging03 in favor of new instance deployment-eventlog02
  • 17:14 ottomata: killed tranquility instances tranq-banners and tranq-netflow running on druid1003 in joal's screen sessions


  • 13:04 ottomata: adding unique index on meta_id and index on meta_dt to mediawiki_page_{create,delete,move,undelete}_1 on db1046 MySQL eventlogging master


  • 16:27 elukey: set innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit on bohrium to 2 and sync_binlog=300 to reduce iowait - T164073
  • 14:31 elukey: set innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit on bohrium to 1 (default value)- T164073


  • 13:48 fdans: updated pageview whitelist with din.wikipedia


  • 05:24 elukey: drop _Edit_11448630_old from dbstore1002


  • 16:14 nuria_: deploying eventlogging 5e16da16e3f5ce287829390a76b9f5b0c7715ee5


  • 07:55 elukey: re-run wikidata-specialentitydata_metrics-wf-2017-7-7 in Hue (failed Spark job)


  • 10:37 elukey: taking mysqldump for Piwik and storing it on stat1002:/a/backup/bohrium/mysqldump_20170706.sql


  • 11:21 joal: Redeploying refinery with scap
  • 11:10 joal: Restart unique_devices-per_project_family-monthly-coord after correction deployed
  • 11:03 joal: Deploying refinery onto hdfs
  • 10:57 joal: Deploying refinery with scap


  • 16:40 joal: Manually launch sqoop imports for enwiki revision, and wikidatawiki revision and logging tables, snapshot=2017-06


  • 21:33 joal: Restart cassandra bundle at beginning of the month


  • 11:39 joal: Update tables and archived data and kill/start jobs for unique-devices per project-family
  • 11:34 joal: Kill and restart druid webrequest sampled oozie jobs after deploy
  • 11:18 joal: Update tables and restart mediawiki_history oozie jobs after deploy
  • 10:58 elukey: deploy refinery to HDFS
  • 10:57 elukey: fixed archiva whitelist in the analytics VLAN (VM changed IP)
  • 07:03 joal: Deploying refinery with scap (after yesterday's failure)


  • 18:17 joal: Deploying refinery with scap
  • 16:25 joal: Building / Deploying refinery-source from jenkins to archiva (v0.0.480
  • 15:42 elukey: analytics1030 back to the worker nodes after maintenance


  • 16:26 milimetric: quarry Rebooted all the boxes in an attempt to fix performance problems
  • 10:05 elukey: added to stat1004
  • 07:14 joal: Rerun wikidata-articleplaceholder_metrics-wf-2017-6-26


  • 10:31 elukey: re-run webrequest-load-coord-misc's failed job in hue



  • 20:23 joal: Disable puppet agent and restart kafka with 48h retention in deployment-kafka01
  • 13:59 elukey: eventlogging restarted after reboot
  • 13:54 elukey: stop eventlogging and reboot eventlog1001
  • 13:15 elukey: reboot analytics1003 for kernel update
  • 11:08 elukey: stop camus on an1003


  • 19:24 ottomata: beginning to consume select eventbus event using eventlogging mysql consumer and inserting into eventlogging analytics mysql db
  • 18:01 joal: Rerun webrequest-load-wf-text-2017-6-20-12 after oozie failure
  • 16:23 joal: Restarted tranquility for banners and netflow on druid1003
  • 16:18 joal: Rererun pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-6-20-14 (failed due to druid reboots)
  • 16:04 elukey: re-run pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-6-20-14 (failed due to druid reboots)
  • 14:46 elukey: re-run failed webrequest-load-text/upload jobs due to reboots
  • 13:29 elukey: restart webrequest-load-coord-text and webrequest-load-coord-upload failed jobs due to reboots
  • 13:14 elukey: re-run wikidata-wdqs_extract-wf-2017-6-20-11 (failed for connection issues, likely due to reboots)
  • 11:54 joal: Deleting old unique_devices data (renamed to unique_devices_per_domain)
  • 10:27 elukey: reboot kafka1012, analytics1028, aqs1004 for kernel upgrades (canary hosts)
  • 08:51 elukey: manually added the user 'hdfs' to the 'hive' group to be able to run refinery-drop-webrequest-partitions
  • 08:49 elukey: manually running /srv/deployment/analytics/refinery/bin/refinery-drop-webrequest-partitions on an1003 to free hdfs space


  • 12:10 elukey: disable BBU auto learn on all the hadoop workers



  • 17:21 joal: Last deploy of the day for uniques patch
  • 13:26 joal: redeploying refinery after bug patch
  • 11:32 joal: Change production last_access_uniques dataset to unique_devices/per_domain
  • 11:11 joal: Deploy refinery onto HDFS
  • 11:03 joal: Regular weekly deploy of refinery (mostly unique_devices patches)
  • 10:54 joal: Refinery-source deployed to archiva


  • 16:41 nuria_: deploying refinery to cluster
  • 13:44 elukey: AQS cluster in beta wiped and re-bootstrapped due to T167222
  • 12:54 elukey: run megacli -LDSetProp ADRA -LALL -aALL on analytics1047 to set ReadAheadAdaptive on analytics[1042-1046,1048-1057].eqiad.wmnet - T166140
  • 12:16 elukey: run megacli -LDSetProp ADRA -LALL -aALL on analytics1047 to set ReadAheadAdaptive - T166140
  • 10:35 elukey: executed megacli -LDSetProp NoCachedBadBBU -LALL -aALL on analytics1049/45
  • 10:28 elukey: executed megacli -LDSetProp NoCachedBadBBU -LALL -aALL on analytics1032 as test - T166140
  • 07:25 elukey: kill maps webrequest load coordinator as temporary measure to avoid oozie spamming
  • 07:21 elukey: suspended cache maps as temporary measure to avoid oozie spamming


  • 06:50 elukey: restarted mediacounts-archive-wf-2017-06-06 in Hue (Java OOMs)


  • 15:44 ottomata: restarting eventlogging mysql consumer to allow is_mediawiki events through is_not_bot filter
  • 15:24 ottomata: restarting eventlogging processor to bring in is_mediawiki ua classification


  • 14:48 mforns: Restarted webrequest-load-bundle after deploy
  • 08:41 joal: Restarted last_access_uniques-monthly-coord after bug correction and deploy
  • 04:42 elukey: removed some old scap revs for the Analytics refinery on stat1002 to free space


  • 14:29 mforns: Deployed refinery using scap, then deployed onto hdfs
  • 12:47 mforns: Deployed refinery-source v0.0.46 using jenkins


  • 09:45 joal: Restarted wikidata-articleplaceholder_metrics-wf-2017-5-27


  • 12:54 elukey: restarted master Hadoop daemons for jvm upgrade
  • 12:39 elukey: re-added analytics1030 to the hadoop workers


  • 10:11 elukey: removed /usr/share/druid/extensions/druid-hdfs-storage-cdh/druid-hdfs-storage-0.10.0.jar from all druid nodes
  • 07:23 joal: Restart pageview-druid-hourly-wf-2017-5-24-19


  • 21:09 ottomata: pausing all druid oozie coordinators until hadoop loading is fixed
  • 15:27 joal: Resume pageview-druid-hourly-coord after druid upgrade
  • 13:07 joal: Suspend pageview-druid-hourly-coord for druid upgrade
  • 09:06 joal: Restart oozie mediawiki_history denormalize/metrics job after bug fixing deploy
  • 09:04 joal: Restart oozie last_accesst_uniques daily/monthly job after bug fixing deploy
  • 09:01 joal: Restart oozie restbase job after bug fixing deploy
  • 08:52 joal: Deploy refinery to HDFS
  • 08:48 joal: Deploying refine


  • 14:32 joal: Start 1-off oozie jobs adding underestimate and offset values in historical archived uniques datasets
  • 13:50 joal: Restarted oozie last_access_uniques jobs (daily + monthly) after deploy
  • 13:47 joal: Restarted oozie druid hourly pageview job after deploy
  • 13:46 joal: Restarted oozie druid uniques job after deploy
  • 12:56 joal: Deploying refinery to HDFS
  • 12:10 joal: Start refinery deployment


  • 22:54 elukey: disabled puppet and hadoop daemons again on analytics1030 (still need hw maintenance but motherboard replaced)
  • 22:54 elukey: analytics1040 back to the hadoop worker nodes after maintenance


  • 10:13 elukey: re-run manually 2017-05-08T18 for misc due to job errors (failed oozie id 0020276-170424154741156-oozie-oozi-W)


  • 13:08 elukey: restart Pivot on thorium after banner_activity_minutely_sanitization_test cleanup
  • 12:02 elukey: removed /etc/cron.d/piwik-archive on bohrium, now puppet creates it for user www-data


  • 16:26 elukey: set daily cron archiver (rather than every hour) for Piwik on bohrium
  • 10:09 joal: Rerun full druid loading for daily uniques - 0012911-170424154741156-oozie-oozi-C
  • 09:17 joal: Deploy refinery onto hdfs
  • 09:13 joal: Deploy refinery from naos :)


  • 08:32 elukey: added "adapter=MYSQLI" to config.ini to enable LOAD FILE capabilities on piwik (restarted apache2)
  • 08:20 elukey: GRANT FILE on *.* to piwik@localhost executed on bohrium (
  • 08:16 elukey: removed 2>&1 from the Piwik cron archive script
  • 08:12 elukey: set Piwik archive cron on bohrium to run every 3600s (rather than 14400)


  • 12:57 elukey: set long_query_time=5 to mysql on bohrium
  • 12:54 elukey: enabled mysql slow query log on bohrium (/var/log/mysql/slow-query.log0
  • 09:53 joal: Restart mediawiki history jobs to pick up new snapshot format


  • 08:45 joal: Restart Workflow webrequest-load-wf-maps-2017-4-28-1


  • 16:40 joal: Manually push (again) pageview whitelist
  • 16:37 joal: restart Workflow aqs-hourly-wf-2017-4-27-14 and Workflow pageview-hourly-wf-2017-4-27-14
  • 12:06 joal: Manually push pageview whitelist to silence oozie alerts
  • 09:47 elukey: re-enabled tracking in piwik after maintenance
  • 09:44 elukey: disabled tracking in piwik to allow mysql upgrade


  • 18:51 elukey: resumed oozie the complainer on Hue
  • 10:12 elukey: restarted webrequest-load-(text|upload|misc|maps) failed jobs (Hadoop workers maintenance)
  • 09:53 elukey: restart mediacounts-load-wf-2017-4-26-7 (failed due to mainteance to the hadoop cluster)
  • 09:51 elukey: restart aqs-hourly-wf-2017-4-26-8 (failed due to an1036's hdfs daemon went down for maintenance)


  • 10:33 joal: restart failed mediacounts-archive-coord : Workflow mediacounts-archive-wf-2017-04-24


  • 15:54 elukey: re-enabled oozie bundles webrequest-load and transwer_to_es
  • 13:22 elukey: disable camus cron on an1003
  • 13:08 elukey: suspended transfer_to_es bundle
  • 13:07 elukey: suspended webrequest-load-bundle


  • 13:51 elukey: set innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 0 and sync_binlog = 300 on bohrium's mysql
  • 10:35 elukey: restart pivot for nodejs security upgrades


  • 17:32 joal: Start daily uniques druid loading job (from 2015-12-17)
  • 17:26 joal: Restart druid pageview loading [daily-monthly]
  • 17:06 joal: Restart wikidata-specialentitydata_metrics-coord and wikidata-articleplaceholder_metrics-coord
  • 16:59 joal: Restart mobile_apps-uniques-[daily|monthly]-coord
  • 15:49 milimetric: deployed Refinery
  • 07:41 elukey: Restart mediacounts-archive-wf-2017-04-19 in Hue (Java Heap space issue)


  • 09:53 elukey: stop Clickhouse on druid100[123]


  • 08:30 joal: Insert fake test data in aqs pagecounts endpoint to set monitoring back to non-alarm state


  • 16:03 elukey: restarted webrequest-load-wf-text-2017-4-5-14
  • 15:13 elukey: removed /etc/cron.daily/blogreport from eventlog1001 (manual backup in /home/elukey)
  • 13:24 ottomata: deployed slightly improved script for on db1047 and dbstore1002


  • 19:50 ottomata: beginning jessie reimage for analytics105[56]
  • 18:13 ottomata: starting jessie upgrade of analytics105[34]
  • 17:26 joal: Restart mediawiki-history-denormalize-wf-2017-04
  • 16:17 joal: Restart webrequest-load-wf-text-2017-4-4-14
  • 08:14 elukey: restarted webrequest-load-wf-text-2017-4-4-6


  • 18:24 nuria: starting replication back on Eventlogging 1002/1047/1046
  • 18:15 ottomata: dropping EL tables with really old data
  • 12:53 elukey: restart webrequest-load-wf-upload-2017-4-3-11
  • 11:49 elukey: manual run of sudo -u stats /a/refinery-source/guard/ --rebuild-jar
  • 11:38 joal: Restart corrected mediawiki-history oozie job
  • 11:30 joal: Deploying refinery to HDFS
  • 11:25 joal: Deploying refinery
  • 10:35 joal: Deploying refinery-source to archiva


  • 07:26 joal: Kill old cassandra bundles and restart new one for project_v2 production codeb


  • 18:02 elukey: an1039 back up again after thermal paste applied
  • 17:54 ottomata: stopping hadoop services on analytics1046 for jessie upgrade


  • 17:19 nuria: restarted EL on eventlog1001 with new changeset and tables renamed
  • 17:13 nuria: deploying eventlogging latetst: 28740773cea545215ea610c8c3e1a3ba36ef5a6a (UA changes)


  • 14:30 elukey: analytics1028 back serving traffic - T159632


  • 16:05 joal: Relaunch corrected denormalize oozie job
  • 14:06 elukey: restart hadoop-yarn-nodemanager on analytics1044
  • 13:03 elukey: fixed permissions (hdfs:hdfs -> root:root for /var/lib/hadoop/data)
  • 11:37 joal: Start manual sqoop for failed wikis (dawiki, cebwiki, srwiki)
  • 07:34 elukey: re-run mediacounts-load-wf-2017-3-24-14 from hue


  • 20:17 ottomata: moved all analytics cluster cron jobs (camus and other) from analytics1027 to analytics1003: T159527
  • 20:14 ottomata: earlier today: upgraded from cdh5.2 to cdh5.10 on analytics1030, somehow we missed it! :o
  • 11:30 joal: Restart webrequest-load-wf-maps-2017-3-23-10


  • 15:33 ottomata: restarting eventlogging client side processors with ImageMetrics blacklist change
  • 09:55 joal: Reset hdfs folders and hive tables and partitions for productionisation of mediawiki history
  • 09:52 joal: Restart webrequest-load bundle to pick up new pageview definition (2017-03-21T09:00Z)
  • 05:57 joal: Restart cassandra-hourly-wf-local_group_default_T_pageviews_per_project-2017-3-20-23
  • 05:54 joal: Deploying refinery


  • 17:47 joal: Deploy refinery-source to archiva
  • 13:21 elukey: restarted pageview-hourly-wf-2017-3-20-11
  • 07:14 elukey: restarted webrequest-load-wf-misc-2017-3-20-3


  • 19:04 joal: restart mediacounts-load-wf-2017-3-18-15 and mediacounts-load-wf-2017-3-18-16
  • 12:39 joal: Restart webrequest-load-wf-maps-2017-3-18-11
  • 08:13 elukey: restarted 18 Mar 2017 03:00:00 webrequest-load-maps


  • 14:24 elukey: analytics1044 back in the cluster
  • 12:27 elukey: restarted webrequest-load-wf-text-2017-3-17-10
  • 10:51 joal: restarted mediacounts-archive-wf-2017-03-16


  • 10:51 fdans: deploying aqs to production


  • 16:07 elukey: Wiped AQS Beta cassandra cluster


  • 18:43 nuria: rolling back prior eventlogging deployment, userAgent column is restricted to 191 chars, needs to be bigger or UAs are truncated
  • 14:14 elukey: analytics1043 back in service
  • 12:53 elukey: restarted webrequest-load-wf-upload-2017-3-14-11
  • 12:53 elukey: restarted webrequest-load-wf-text-2017-3-14-11
  • 06:53 elukey: re-run mediacounts-archive-wf-2017-03-13 from Hue (OOMs in the stderr)


  • 14:36 elukey: analytics1042 back among the Hadoop workers
  • 08:53 elukey: set innodb_buffer_pool_size=2048 for mysql on bohrium (Piwik)


  • 22:24 elukey: restarted webrequest-load-text 12 Mar 2017 16:00:00 and 17:00:00
  • 22:24 elukey: stopped yarn nodemanager on an1028
  • 22:17 elukey: restarted webrequest-load Maps 12 Mar 2017 14:00:00
  • 07:11 elukey: re-set SET GLOBAL max_connections=300 on bohrium's mysql (got lost after the restart)


  • 15:39 elukey: applied innodb_buffer_pool_size = 512M and restarted mysql on bohrium
  • 10:54 elukey: executed set global innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit=2; on bohrium as test


  • 14:17 joal: restart failed webrequest load [upload maps misc] 2017-03-09T09:00Z
  • 11:04 elukey: an1041 yarn nodemanager back running
  • 10:31 elukey: analytics1041 yarn nodemanager stopped, chowning to yarn:yarn all the perms in /var/lib/hadoop/data/X/yarn dirs
  • 10:09 elukey: restarted yarn-nodenamanger on analtycs1040
  • 09:52 elukey: restarted Mar 2017 02:00:00 webrequest-load-text (second time)
  • 08:57 elukey: re-running webrequest-load-text failed jobs too via Hue
  • 08:43 elukey: re-run via Hue the failed upload-load job
  • 08:39 elukey: re-run all the failed misc webrequest-load oozie jobs (total of four)
  • 08:28 elukey: re-run 186-09 Mar 2017 00:00:00 (webrequest-load-maps) on Hie


  • 15:20 joal: deploying aqs in prod
  • 14:44 joal: Deploy AQS on beta
  • 12:52 elukey: analytics1040 back in service
  • 12:50 elukey: restarted webrequest-load-wf-text-2017-3-7-9 from Hue (oozie id: 0010151-170228165458841-oozie-oozi-W mapred that failed: job_1488294419903_24496)


  • 11:29 joal: Restart 3 oozie spark jobs
  • 11:02 joal: Deploying refinery after having break stat1002 :(
  • 10:32 joal: deploying refinery
  • 09:43 joal: Deploying refinery-source v0.0.42 using jenkins


  • 18:22 ottomata: deleteing and recreating oozie share lib
  • 18:15 joal: Restarting webrequest load for tect 2017-03-02T15:00Z
  • 14:27 joal: restart mediacounts job starting 2017-03-01T11:00Z


  • 14:41 joal: Deploying refinery onto hdfs (before restarting jobs)
  • 14:38 joal: Restart all hdfs oozie jobs with 2048M launcher memory (using script)
  • 10:16 joal: Kill and restart webrequest-load-maps coordinator checking for new oozie_loader_memory parameter (starting from 2017-02-28T18:00 - 2g launcher memory)
  • 09:39 joal: Kill and restart webrequest-load-maps coordinator checking for new oozie_loader_memory parameter (starting from 2017-02-28T18:00)
  • 07:17 elukey: restarted manually the browser-general-coord failed jobs
  • 07:13 elukey: restarted manually the pageview-hourly-coord failed jobs
  • 07:09 elukey: restarted manually the pageview-druid-monthly-coord (february job failed)
  • 07:06 elukey: restarted manually via Hue UI the webrequest-load-coord-misc failed jobs
  • 06:59 elukey: restarted manually via Hue UI the webrequest-load-coord-maps failed jobs


  • 18:03 joal: restart pageview oozie job for 2017-02-28T12:00
  • 17:53 elukey: restarted via Hue Feb 2017 14:00:00 webrequest-load-coord-misc/maps
  • 14:02 joal: Suspend mediawiki-load jobs as well (forgot about those)
  • 13:31 joal: Suspend webrequest-load bundle for CDH upgrade
  • 13:30 elukey: stopping camus as prep step for the CDH upgrade


  • 12:18 joal: Restart cassandra-coord-pageview-per-project-hourly 2017-02-23T07, 08, 09 to recover from cassandra issue - Worked !
  • 11:19 joal: Restart cassandra-coord-pageview-per-project-hourly 2017-02-23T07 and 08 to recover from cassandra issue


  • 08:06 elukey: restart Hue on an1027 for openssl upgrades


  • 13:22 elukey: updated firewall rules for Analytics VLAN



  • 21:38 elukey: Restarted webrequest-load-coord-upload 19:00 - failed and Hue returning 500s


  • 00:13 joal: Restartedwebrequest-load-wf-text-2017-2-10-20


  • 09:53 elukey: re-enabled oozie bundles after maintenance
  • 09:51 elukey: restarted Hive-* and oozie on analytics1003
  • 09:40 elukey: suspending oozie bundles to allow oozie/hive maintenance


  • 13:02 mforns: Restarted webrequest-load-bundle and pageview-hourly-coord
  • 12:46 mforns: Deployed refinery using scap, then deployed onto hdfs
  • 12:00 elukey: added Marcel as superuser in Hue
  • 11:56 elukey: stopped webrequest-load-bundle from hue
  • 11:06 mforns: Deployed refinery-source using jenkins
  • 10:48 elukey: restarting druid daemons for Java upgrades
  • 10:05 elukey: re-enabled oozie bundles after maintenance
  • 10:04 elukey: performed master failover from an1001 to an1002 (and vice-versa) for java upgrades
  • 10:04 elukey: restarted oozie, hive-server and metastore for java upgrades
  • 09:49 elukey: suspended oozie bundles temporarily to allow graceful restarts


  • 18:05 ottomata: restarting pivot
  • 17:52 ottomata: restarting pivot
  • 15:35 elukey: restarted all the failed oozie cassandra load jobs


  • 20:24 joal: Resubmit cassandra-coord-pageview-per-project-hourly for 2017-02-07T18:00
  • 14:36 elukey: restarted webrequest-load-wf-text-2017-2-7-13


  • 13:18 joal: Restarted mediacounts-archive job for day 2017-02-03 (had failed)


  • 12:07 joal: Restarted daily and monthly pageview druid loading jobs
  • 12:03 joal: Deployed refinery to correct bug introduced in
  • 10:13 joal: Killed-Restarted last access uniques monthly jobs to pick up new config -0097552-161121120201437-oozie-oozi-C


  • 19:01 joal: Killed-Restarted Mobile apps Uniques monthly jobs to pick up new config - 0096638-161121120201437-oozie-oozi-C
  • 18:47 joal: Deploy refinery for uniques monthly patches
  • 17:27 joal: Restarting 2 webrequest-load text jobs that failed during NM restart (2016-02-01T11:00 and T13:00)
  • 13:12 elukey: restarted pageview-druid-monthly-coord and pageview-druid-daily-coord oozie coordinators after deployment
  • 12:17 elukey: deployed Refinery via scap and then executed the hdfs copies on stat1002


  • 16:11 elukey: started Cassandra nodetool cleanup for aqs1007-a
  • 16:04 elukey: started Cassandra nodetool cleanup for aqs1004-b
  • 08:31 elukey: started Cassandra nodetool cleanup for aqs1004-a


  • 19:20 joal: Restart webrequest-lood-coord-text 2017-01-26T15:00 after cluster shake
  • 19:18 elukey: restored an1001 as RM and HDFS master


  • 21:30 ottomata: restarted hadoop-mapreduce-historyserver on analytics1001. it died due to OOM


  • 13:27 joal: Rerun pageview-druid-daily-wf-2017-1-20 trying to see if it fixes automagically


  • 15:51 joal: Launched 0080172-161121120201437-oozie-oozi-B to recover from missing webrequest-load 2017-01-18 19:00 with a correct setup this time
  • 15:39 joal: Launched 0080149-161121120201437-oozie-oozi-B to recover from missing webrequest-load 2017-01-18 19:00


  • 11:16 joal: Remove mediawiki-history-beta datasource from druid
  • 09:51 elukey: restarted mediacounts-archive-wf-2017-01-16


  • 19:23 joal: Start mediawiki history reconstruction job on newly sqooped data
  • 18:25 joal: Replace /wmf/data/raw/mediawiki/tables/ with newly sqooped data


  • 15:30 joal: Restart 0024519-160420145651441-oozie-oozi-C for day 2017-01-09 to see if it fails again


  • 20:35 joal: Launched 0063574-161121120201437-oozie-oozi-C to cover for upload-2017-01-06-[16-17]
  • 19:04 elukey: started 0063446-161121120201437-oozie-oozi-C to re-run upload-2017-1-6-17


  • 15:28 elukey: changed firewall rules to allow only $ANALYTICS_NETWORKS (rather than the broader $INTERNAL) for the Yarn UI http service (an1001) and the hive metastore (an1003)


  • 21:27 nuria: deployed analytics refinery, restarted webrequest load and pageview_hourly jobs
  • 20:11 nuria: deployed analytics/refinery to cluster (2nd try)


  • 11:12 elukey: deleted /srv/stat1001 on stat1004


  • 14:32 joal: restarted eventlogging mysql consumer after DB restart
  • 13:57 joal: Stopped EventLogging Mysql consumer for database restart


  • 18:37 ottomata: preferred-replica-election on analytics kafka cluster to bring 1012 back as leader for its partitions
  • 18:15 ottomata: restarting broker on kafka1012 to repro T152674


  • 21:59 ottomata: restarting eventlogging again to pick up puppet changes to use kafka-confluent writer
  • 19:39 ottomata: restarting analytics eventlogging to test out confluent kafka producer for processors


  • 11:02 joal: Killing wikidata-articleplaceholder_metrics job and restarting it starting Nov. 1st for code update
  • 10:43 joal: Deploy refinery onto hdfs
  • 10:35 joal: deploying refinery


  • 09:43 joal: Restarted yesterday failed oozie webrequest-load jobs (upload, text, misc, hours 21, 22,23)


  • 20:27 ottomata: bouncing kafka broker on kafka1018 to test config changes to eventlogging analytics kafka clients
  • 20:25 ottomata: restarting eventlogging analytics processes again to pick up api_version change for consumers too
  • 19:45 ottomata: restarting eventlogging analytics processes to pick up api_version kafka arg
  • 08:02 elukey: added fi.wikivoyage to the pageview whitelist manually


  • 21:32 milimetric: restarted webrequest/load oozie bundle
  • 21:17 milimetric: Deployed refinery using scap, then deployed onto hdfs
  • 20:52 milimetric: Deployed refinery-source using jenkins


  • 09:16 elukey: resumed oozie bundles and camus crontab after maintenance
  • 08:49 elukey: stopping oozie and camus as prep-step for Yarn/HDFS master failover (remaining hosts with old openjdk)


  • 20:23 nuria: restarted webrequest jobs 0000454-161121120201437-oozie-oozi-B
  • 19:09 nuria: deploying improvements to oozie job alarms to analytics cluster
  • 18:45 joal: Launch 0000336-161121120201437-oozie-oozi-C to cover for webrequest-load-text-2016-11-21-13
  • 17:28 elukey: unmasked kafka* on kafka1022 after disk swap
  • 12:07 elukey: restarted oozie bundles via hue after oozie/hive restart
  • 11:45 elukey: stopped all the oozie bundles via Hue as prep-step for Hive/Oozie daemons restarts on an1003
  • 10:15 elukey: created 0039892-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C and 0039895-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C for webrequest-load-wf-(text|upload)-2016-11-21-8


  • 00:03 joal: Launched 0034429-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to cover for wf-text-2016-11-16-21


  • 19:23 joal: Launch 0028421-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-B to cover for webrequest-load hours 19-20 missing on 2016-11-10



  • 12:33 joal: Deploying refinery for patching pageview whitelist


  • 09:45 elukey: started 0022558-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to rerun wf-text-2016-11-7-07
  • 08:00 elukey: started 0022441-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to rerun wf-text-2016-11-7-04 -> 06
  • 04:53 joal: started 0022249-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to rerun wf-text-2016-11-7-00 -> 03


  • 19:50 joal: started 0021806-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to rerun wf-text-2016-11-6-16
  • 17:39 elukey: started 0021694-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to rerun wf-text-2016-11-6-15
  • 09:27 joal: started 0021136-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to re-run wf-text-2016-11-6-01 -> 07


  • 18:05 joal: started 0020254-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to re-run wf-text-2016-11-5-10
  • 08:47 joal: started 0019693-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to re-run wf-text-2016-11-5-00 -> wf-upload-2016-11-5-07
  • 08:45 joal: started 0019686-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to re-run wf-text-2016-11-4-19 -> wf-upload-2016-11-4-20


  • 08:45 elukey: started 0018557-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to re-run wf-upload-2016-11-4-6
  • 08:45 elukey: started 0018549-161020124223818-oozie-oozi-C to re-run wf-upload-2016-11-4-2 -> wf-upload-2016-11-4-4


  • 19:43 ottomata: manually stopped an old wikistats_git pageviews cron in spetrea's crontab on stat1003. no output from it since 2013, and spetrea doesn't really have an account


  • 17:52 joal: Deploying refinery
  • 14:45 joal: Restart webrequest load job to apply
  • 14:33 joal: deploying refinery onto the cluster
  • 14:00 ottomata: restarting pivot


  • 17:09 ottomata: bouncing eventlogging
  • 17:00 ottomata: kafka preferred replica election on main-eqiad kafka cluster to promote kafka1003 as leader for its preferred partitions
  • 14:49 ottomata: adding kafka1003 in as replicas for active main-eqiad topics
  • 14:12 ottomata: adding kafka1003 as kafka broker in main-eqiad cluster
  • 14:00 joal: deploy refinery


  • 13:04 elukey: oozie firewall rules changed - nowonly the analytics network is allowed
  • 00:19 bd808: Testing logging to mw.o SAL via stashbot


  • 09:06 elukey: reboot eventlog2001.codfw.wmnet for kernel upgrades
  • 08:45 elukey: upgrading varnishkafka to 1.0.12-1 in cache:misc
  • 08:32 elukey: upgrading varnishkafka to 1.0.12-1 in cache:maps


  • 15:30 elukey: analytics1001 is back Yarn/HDFS master
  • 13:16 elukey: previous comment was meant to be read as "set a permanent read only = false"
  • 13:16 elukey: set read_only = false (on startup) for the analytics1003's mariadb instance
  • 13:12 elukey: restarted oozie jobs for 2016-9-22-6
  • 12:50 elukey: varnishkafka 1.0.12 installed in cache:upload ulsfo and eqiad
  • 11:04 elukey: re-enabling oozie and camus after cluster reboots
  • 10:57 elukey: rebooted analytics1001
  • 10:55 elukey: Failover from analytics1001 to analytics1002 as prep step for 1001's reboot
  • 10:28 elukey: setting global read_only = 0 to analytics1003 mariadb instance
  • 10:04 elukey: rebooted analytics1003 (oozie, hive-metastore and hive-server2 daemons affected)
  • 09:51 elukey: executed aptitude remove apache2 on analytic1027 (we use nginx in front of hue, apache steals port 8888 to hue and it does not start)
  • 09:49 elukey: suspended all oozie bundles as prep step to reboot analytics1003
  • 09:39 elukey: rebooted analytics1027
  • 09:14 elukey: varnishkafka 1.0.12 installed in cache:upload codfw
  • 08:52 elukey: varnishkafka 1.0.12 installed in cache:upload esams
  • 06:45 elukey: stopped camus on analytics1027 and suspended webrequest-load-bundle via Hue (prep step for reboots)


  • 17:43 elukey: installed varnishkafka 1.0.12-1 on cp3034.esams
  • 06:25 elukey: removed aqs100[123] from live traffic


  • 17:03 elukey: aqs100[56] added to LVS and serving live traffic
  • 16:22 elukey: restarting cassandra on aqs1005
  • 07:41 elukey: restart cassandra on aqs100[456] for T130861 - only aqs1004 is taking live traffic


  • 09:24 elukey: added aqs100[456] to conftool-data (not pooled but the load balancer is doing health checks)


  • 16:07 elukey: cassandra on aqs100[123] restarted for T130861


  • 18:54 ottomata: reenabled camus with new version of camus checker jar
  • 18:41 ottomata: disabled camus crons on analytics1027
  • 09:48 elukey: restarted pivot on a tmux session on stat1002 since it died


  • 08:32 elukey: executed apt-get clean on analytics1032 to free space


  • 15:37 ottomata: deploying refinery with v0.0.35 of refinery source
  • 09:54 elukey: removed duplicates from the hdfs crontab on analytics1027


  • 13:23 elukey: removed the unsued analytics-root group from puppet


  • 09:18 elukey: deleted /var/www/limn-public-data/caching on stat1001 to free space
  • 09:10 elukey: Moved stat1003:/srv/reportupdater/output/caching to /home/elukey/caching as temporary measure to free space on stat1001
  • 07:54 elukey: removed /home/home dir from stat1001 to free space
  • 07:52 elukey: removed /home/home/home dir from stat1001 to free space


  • 17:45 joal: Drop pageviews test datasource in druid


  • 13:52 elukey: re-enabling camus and oozie
  • 13:48 elukey: restarted hadoop-hdfs-namenode on analytics1002 (1001 back to active)
  • 13:45 elukey: restarted yarn-resourcemanager on analytics1002 (1001 back to active)
  • 13:33 elukey: restarted hadoop-hdfs-namenode on analytics1001
  • 13:30 elukey: restarted yarn-resourcemanager on analytics1001
  • 13:09 elukey: oozie, hive-server and hive-metastore restarted for security upgrades
  • 11:32 elukey: stopped camus on analytics1027
  • 11:31 elukey: suspended all the oozie bundles via Hue



  • 15:41 joal: Loading 2016-07 in new aqs


  • 17:48 ottomata: restarting eventlogging with kafka-python 1.3.1 (and bugfix), will be testing kafka broker restarts again today
  • 13:12 elukey: deploying the aqs cassandra user to aqs100[123] (not using it in aqs-restbase yet)
  • 13:10 elukey: deploying the aqs cassandra user to aqs100[456] (not using it in aqs-restbase yet)


  • 18:54 ottomata: restarting eventlogging with processors retries=6&retry_backoff_ms=200. if this works better, will puppetize.
  • 18:30 ottomata: restarting kafka broker on kafka1013 to test eventlogging leader rebalances
  • 15:13 ottomata: deploying eventlogging/analytics - kafka-python 1.3.0 for both consumers and producers
  • 14:13 joal: Loading 2016-06 in clean new aqs
  • 14:10 joal: Adding test data onto newly wiped aqs cluster
  • 14:06 joal: Updating cassandra compaction to deflate on newly wiped cluster


  • 15:39 joal: Restart oozie jobs for druid loading from production refinery instead of joal
  • 14:31 joal: Retrying deploying refinery from scap
  • 13:51 joal: Stopping pagecounts-[raw|all-sites] oozie jobs (load and archive)
  • 13:07 joal: Deploying refinery using scap
  • 12:59 joal: Rolled back refinery interactive deploy
  • 12:54 joal: Deploy refinery using brand new scap deploy !
  • 07:42 elukey: ran apt-get clean on analytics1027 to free space


  • 19:50 ottomata: now running kafka-python 1.2.5 for eventlogging-service-eventbus in codfw, removed downtime for kafka200[12]
  • 17:36 elukey: added the analytics-deploy key to the Keyholder for the Analytics Refinery scap3 migration (also updated
  • 17:29 elukey: deploying the refinery with scap3 for the first time on all nodes


  • 01:55 milimetric: limn1 disk full, no idea how to clean it because /public refuses to list its files or listen to me when I try to delete it


  • 17:37 ottomata: powercycling analytics1032


  • 10:13 joal: Re-deploying refinery after bug fix
  • 09:26 joal: Deploying refinery
  • 08:41 joal: Deploying refinery-source using Jenkins


  • 18:31 ottomata: upgrading kafka to 0.9 in main-codfw, first kafka2001 then 2002


  • 19:40 joal: Relaunch 2016-07-19 cassandra per-article-daily oozie job
  • 15:45 elukey: executed on aqs100[456] for both a/b cassandra instances
  • 15:33 elukey: raising compaction throughput to 256 on aqs100[456]


  • 17:16 joal: Change compression from lz4 to deflate on aqs100[456]
  • 17:16 joal: Change compression from lz4 to deflate
  • 08:59 joal: deploy restabase on aqs100[23]
  • 08:36 elukey: re-executed cassandra-daily-wf-local_group_default_T_pageviews_per_article_flat-2016-7-16 (failed oozie job)


  • 08:45 elukey: removed temporary retention override for kafka webrequest_text topic (T136690)
  • 08:17 elukey: lowering down webrequest_text kafka topic retention time from 7 days to 4 days to free disk space


  • 17:51 ottomata: restarting broker on kafka1020
  • 10:10 elukey: hue restarted on analytics1027 for security upgrades


  • 19:16 ottomata: restarting kafka broker on kafka1020 to test python consumption client


  • 09:47 elukey: removed temporary Analytics Kafka upload retention override (T136690)
  • 09:38 elukey: Lowering down temporarily the Analytics kafka upload retention time to 24h to free space (T136690)


  • 08:38 elukey: event logging restarted on eventlog1001
  • 08:34 elukey: rebooting kafka1012 for kernel upgrades.


  • 19:53 ottomata: stopping kafka broker and restarting kafka1014


  • 18:16 ottomata: stopping kafka broker on kafka1018 and rebooting node
  • 11:55 elukey: restarted EL on eventlog1001
  • 11:51 elukey: rebooting kafka1022 for kernel upgrades
  • 08:26 elukey: deleted very old kafka.log files in /var/log/kafka to free root space
  • 07:54 elukey: EL restarted on eventlog1001
  • 07:47 elukey: stopping kafka on kafka1020.eqiad and rebooting the host for Linux 4.4 upgrades


  • 11:28 elukey: restarted jmxtrans on kafka10* hosts
  • 11:26 elukey: restarted jmxtrans on kafka1013
  • 11:21 elukey: executed kafka preferred-replica-election on kafka1013


  • 14:24 joal: deploying aqs from tin
  • 14:16 joal: Deploying aqs into aqs_deploy


  • 19:25 nuria_: deploying latest master to dashiki 08cc9a2545bcc0a183a3c00c18e81f21326a41b
  • 12:56 elukey: EL restarted after kafka1013 node stop (kernel upgrades)
  • 12:50 elukey: stopping kafka on kafka1013 and rebooting the host for kernel upgrade


  • 17:28 elukey: re-run from Hue webrequest-load-wf-(text|upload)-2016-5-23-13. The failures were likely caused by my global Yarn restart on the cluster.
  • 17:20 elukey: oozie bundles re-enabled
  • 14:58 elukey: suspended all the oozie bundles as prep step for (yes I know super paranoid mode on)
  • 06:42 elukey: Removed Kafka temp. override for webrequest_upload after freeing some disk space.
  • 06:37 elukey: Set kafka for the topic webrequest_upload to free some disk space on kafka1022


  • 12:50 elukey: aqs100[123] restarted for openjdk upgrades
  • 08:53 elukey: cassandra upgraded to 2.1.13 on aqs1003
  • 08:30 elukey: aqs1002 migrated to cassandra 2.1.13


  • 18:30 joal: manually touch _SUCCESS file in hdfs://analytics-hadoop/wmf/data/raw/webrequest/webrequest_text/hourly/2016/05/02/14/ to launch refine process despites load job failure
  • 17:38 elukey: removed out of service banner from dashiki dashboards
  • 17:33 elukey: reverted Varnish config to return 503s for datasets and stats
  • 12:14 elukey: deployed Varnish change to force HTTP 503 for,, as prep-step for OS reimage.
  • 12:05 elukey: enabled maintenance banner to dashiki based dashboards via
  • 11:21 elukey: deployed last version of Event Logging. Service also restarted.


  • 13:42 elukey: disabled puppet on analytics1047 and scheduled downtime for the host, IO errors in the dmesg for /dev/sdd. Stopped also Hadoop daemons to remove it from the cluster temporarily (not sure how to do it properly, will write docs).


  • 10:44 joal: deployed aqs on all three nodes (Thanks elukey !!!!)
  • 09:03 joal: Deploying aqs on aqs1001
  • 08:14 elukey: restarting kafka on kafka{1012,1014,1022,1020,2001,2002} for Java upgrades. EL will be restarted as well (sigh)


  • 15:47 elukey: restarted event logging on eventlogging1001
  • 14:01 elukey: restarted Event Logging on eventlogging1001
  • 13:53 elukey: restarted kafka on kafka1018.eqiad.wmnet for Java upgrades



  • 09:23 moritzm: installing ircbalance bugfix updates (preventing massive logspam on some systems)


  • 16:06 elukey: camus re-enabled on analytics1027
  • 13:54 elukey: puppet stopped on analytics1027 together with Camus (via crontab -e)
  • 10:41 elukey: started rsync of /srv from stat1001 to stat1004 (/srv/stat1001)


  • 08:33 joal: deployed new refinery on hadoop
  • 08:21 joal: deploying refinery from tin


  • 10:11 elukey: execute sudo eventloggingctl restart on eventlogging1001


  • 16:35 ottomata: rebuilding raid1 array on aqs1001 after hot swapping sdh
  • 15:00 joal: restarting failed jobs
  • 14:38 ottomata: restarting hadoop-yarn-nodemanager on all hadoop worker nodes one by one to apply increase in heap size


  • 11:52 joal: Restart refine job after deploy
  • 10:30 joal: Deploying refinery on HDFS
  • 10:21 joal: deploying refinery from tin
  • 09:13 joal: Releasing refinery-source v0.0.30 to archiva


  • 10:09 joal: deploying aqs from tin on aqs1003
  • 10:08 joal: deploying aqs from tin on aqs1002
  • 10:03 joal: deploying aqs from tin on aqs1001


  • 22:58 nuria_: deployed browser-reports master branch to labs
  • 19:34 ottomata: restarting eventlogging so it runs out of the scap deploy in eventlogging/analytics
  • 10:21 elukey: nodejs-legacy upgraded too on all aqs nodes
  • 09:43 elukey: aqs1002.eqiad.wmnet re-pooled, aqs1003.eqiad.wmnet de-pooled/re-pooled too (nodejs upgrade)
  • 09:30 elukey: aqs1002.eqiad.wmnet de-pooled via confctl. Nodejs upgrade will follow.
  • 09:18 elukey: re-added aqs1001.eqiad.wmnet to LVS pool via confctl
  • 08:59 elukey: removed aqs1001.eqiad.wmnet from LVS pool via confd for nodejs upgrade


  • 14:04 elukey: ran nodetool repair system_auth on aqs1002.eqiad/aqs1003.eqiad
  • 13:59 elukey: ran nodetool repair system_auth on aqs1001.eqiad
  • 11:45 elukey: started nodetool repair on aqs1002 after running "ALTER KEYSPACE system_auth WITH replication = { 'class': 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor': 3 };"


  • 15:45 elukey: aqs1001 re-added to the aqs pool (nodejd NOT upgraded)
  • 14:46 elukey: de-pooled aqs1001.eqiad from the confd pool for nodejs upgrade
  • 10:42 elukey: re-pooled aqs1001.eqiad (no node upgrade, need more info about restbase)
  • 09:53 elukey: de-pooled aqs1001.eqiad.wmnet as pre-step for nodejs upgrade


  • 13:38 joal: Deploying aqs in aqs1003 from tin
  • 13:35 joal: Deploying aqs in aqs1002 from tin
  • 13:23 joal: Deploying aqs in aqs1001 from tin


  • 20:01 ottomata: stopping eventlogging, uninstalling globally installed eventlogging python code, running puppet, restarting eventlogging from /srv/deployment/eventlogging/eventlogging
  • 19:45 ottomata: merging puppet change to run eventlogging code out of deploy repo


  • 18:06 ottomata: repooling aqs1001
  • 18:00 ottomata: depooling aqs1001


  • 13:27 joal: Update CirrusSearchRequestSet schema in hive


  • 18:29 elukey: camus and puppet re-enabled on analytics1027
  • 18:27 ottomata: resuming suspended webrequest load and refine jobs
  • 17:57 elukey: enabled Hadoop Master Node automatic failover on analytics1001/1002 (this time without fireworks).
  • 17:09 ottomata: temporarily suspending oozie webrequest refine jobs
  • 16:18 ottomata: suspending webrequest load job temporarily
  • 16:15 elukey: disabled camus and puppet on analytics1027
  • 13:16 elukey: camus and puppet re-enabled on analytics1027
  • 09:56 elukey: Camus stopped on analitics1027 (puppe disabled too)
  • 09:52 elukey: puppet disabled on analytics1001/1002 as pre-set to enable HDFS HA failover.



  • 18:30 mforns: deployed EL in production with removal of queue
  • 17:37 mforns: restarted EventLogging because of Kafka consumption lag


  • 20:08 mforns: deployed eventlogging to deployment-eventlogging03 with removal of mysql consumer batch


  • 14:49 ottomata: restarting eventlogging to un-blacklist MobileWebSectionUsage
  • 01:07 ottomata: restarted eventlogging again. A single raw client side processor consumer seemed stuck (according to burrow). seeing offset commit errors in logs.


  • 08:26 ottomata: restarting eventlogging to see if it'll help burrow reported kafka consumer lag


  • 22:29 YuviPanda: wikimetrics <whatever>
  • 19:55 ottomata: restarted eventlogging_sync script to insert batches of 1000


  • 20:01 ottomata: dropped MobileWebSectionUsage_14321266 and MobileWebSectionUsage_15038458 from analytics-store eventlogging slave db
  • 19:24 ottomata: restarting eventlogging to apply blacklist of MobileWebSectionUsage scheas


  • 15:23 ottomata: killing oozie legacy_tsv job 0102159-150605005438095-oozie-oozi-B to restart it without mobile, 5xx-mobile and zero outputs


  • 03:14 ottomata: restarted eventlogging


  • 14:40 ottomata: restarting eventlogging to see if it is ok after enabling firewall rules on kafka1014


  • 15:51 joal: Change replication factor to 2 in cassandra per_article_flat keyspace
  • 15:47 ottomata: deploying aqs


  • 18:24 ottomata: deploying aqs


  • 10:35 joal: Gzipped already archived pageview files
  • 10:34 joal: restarted pageview job to archive gzipped files
  • 10:34 joal: refinery deployed


  • 19:16 joal: Downsizing cassandra replication from 3 to to 2 on per_article_flat keyspace
  • 19:07 joal: Restart load job (based on IMPORTED flag)
  • 15:48 joal: Deploying refinery
  • 15:40 joal: deploying refinery-source v0.0.22


  • 19:06 ottomata: deploying aqs
  • 18:24 joal: deploying refinery
  • 16:46 joal: Releasing refinery-source v0.0.21
  • 10:34 joal: manual aggregator launch after small bug correction


  • 18:42 joal: refine bundle, pageview_hourly and projectview_hourly coord restarted
  • 18:41 joal: refinery deployed on HDFS
  • 14:33 joal: truncating "local_group_default_T_pageviews_per_article".data on aqs
  • 09:58 joal: Restart cassandra on aqs1001


  • 20:24 ottomata: deploying aqs
  • 09:51 joal: restart cassandra on aqs1003


  • 22:53 milimetric: deployed EventLogging and tried to backfill data lost on 2015.10.14 but failed
  • 18:24 joal: Stopped per article loading in cassandra
  • 13:39 ottomata: deploying aqs


  • 10:12 joal: restart cassandra on aqs1002


  • 18:35 ottomata: restarting eventlogging with change to parse schema names out of errored events


  • 20:38 joal: restarted cassandra on aqs100[1,2,3]


  • 12:17 joal: Refinery deploy needed before restart --> Deploying
  • 12:12 joal: Restarting daily and monthly mobile unique coordinators with new patch
  • 12:12 joal: Rerunning daily mobile unique jobs for days 2015-08-[03,04,11,12,12,14,17], 2015-09-16
  • 12:10 joal: Stopped daily and monthly mobile unique coordinators


  • 15:22 ottomata: restarting lagging eventlogging mysql consumer


  • 19:26 ottomata: releasing refinery 0.20
  • 15:19 ottomata: moved camus property files out of refinery repository and into puppet. Camus properties now live on an27 at /etc/camus.d, and camus log files are in /var/log/camus
  • 14:54 joal: Cassandra restarted on aqs1003
  • 09:15 joal: Restart cassandra on aqs1002


  • 17:38 joal: Backfilling load from hadoop to cassandra from beginning of october


  • 16:32 joal: Started cassandra load jobs from 2015-10-01


  • 16:27 valhallasw`cloud: testing again
  • 16:13 valhallasw`cloud: test


  • 10:51 joal: cluster back to normql state. Some errors are still not explained, need to be carefull.


  • 14:56 joal: backfilling various load jobs having failed at earlier stages than check_sequence_statistics
  • 13:03 joal: Errors on cluster, dome refine jobs have failed, investigating.


  • 18:20 ottomata: does this log work?

March 25[edit]

  • 22:09 qchris: starting HDFS balance for unhealty node analytics1016.eqiad.wmnet with healty nodes analytics1037.eqiad.wmnet,analytics1040.eqiad.wmnet

February 25[edit]

  • 16:07 ottomata: hello?

February 7[edit]

  • 02:10 qchris: Ran kafka leader re-election as analytics1021 dropped out of it's partition leader role.
  • 01:32 qchris: name nodes died with error "Java heap space" and did not come back up. Bumping heap allowed to resurrect them (See task T88871).

February 4[edit]

  • 23:22 qchris: Manual failover of Hadoop namenode from analytics1001 to analytics1002, as analytics1001 had Heap space errors
  • 07:49 qchris: Manual failover of Hadoop namenode from analytics1002 to analytics1001, as analytics1002 had Heap space errors

January 30[edit]

  • 20:21 ottomata: deployed refinery 0.0.4
  • 19:37 ottomata: released refinery 0.0.4

January 25[edit]

  • 21:53 qchris: Marked raw text webrequest partition for 2015-01-24T00/1H ok (See task T87545)

January 23[edit]

  • 22:46 qchris: Marked raw upload webrequest partition for 2015-01-16T12/1H ok (The partition only needed deduping)
  • 22:23 qchris: Marked raw upload webrequest partition for 2015-01-16T01/1H ok (The partition only needed deduping)
  • 22:11 qchris: Marked raw upload webrequest partition for 2015-01-15T17/1H ok (The partition only needed deduping)
  • 22:04 qchris: Marked raw text webrequest partition for 2015-01-15T15/1H ok (The partition only needed deduping)
  • 22:01 qchris: Marked raw mobile webrequest partition for 2015-01-16T01/1H ok (The partition only needed deduping)

January 15[edit]

  • 08:25 qchris: Ran kafka leader re-election to bring analytics1021 back into the set of leaders

January 10[edit]

January 6[edit]

  • 12:15 qchris: Marked raw mobile+text webrequest partitions for 2015-01-05T17/1H ok (See task T85918)

January 4[edit]

  • 12:06 qchris: Marked raw mobile and upload webrequest partition for 2015-01-03T10/1H ok (See task T85758)

January 2[edit]

  • 21:21 qchris: Ran kafka leader re-election to bring analytics1021 back into the set of leaders
  • 21:07 qchris: Marked raw bits, text, and upload webrequest partition for 2014-12-11T14/1H ok (See task T85712)
  • 19:05 qchris: Marked raw text+upload webrequest partitions for 2014-12-26T06/1H ok (See task T85709)
  • 15:51 qchris: Marked raw text webrequest partition for 2014-12-11T20/1H ok (See task T85699)
  • 12:39 qchris: Marked raw mobile webrequest partition for 2014-12-29T17/1H ok (See task T85695)
  • 11:21 qchris: Marked raw text webrequest partition for 2014-12-30T20/1H ok (See task T85692)

January 1[edit]

  • 20:26 qchris: Marked raw webrequest partitions for 2014-12-10T14/2H ok (See task T85675)