Analytics/Server Admin Log/Archive/2013

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July 25[edit]

  • 14:44 ottomata: reinstalled analytics1017 and brought it back up as a new datanode

July 24[edit]

  • 20:38 ottomata: taking analytics1017 down for reinstall

July 22[edit]

  • 18:44 ottomata: decomissioning analytics1017 datanode in prep for reinstall

May 20[edit]

  • 15:54 ottomata: rebooted gadolinium to upgrade linux kernel
  • 14:00 ottomata: stopping hadoop and restarting analytics1010 (namenode) for kernel upgrade

May 16[edit]

  • 16:52 ottomata: rebooting stat1 for kernel upgrade
  • 15:47 ottomata: rebooting analytics1027 (hue, oozie, etc.)

May 14[edit]

  • 18:42 ottomata: deployed puppet change to make nginx send webrequest logs back to main multicast firehose. NOTE: These logs are not sent to the udp2log instance on emery.
  • 18:02 ottomata: submitted a new webrequest-loss coordinator to work on the webrequest-mobile (geocoded and anonymized) dataset, rather than the soon to be deprecated webrequest-wikipedia-mobile

May 13[edit]

  • 18:54 ottomata: analytics1009 now sending geocoded anonymized mobile logs to kafka topic webrequest-mobile, this is consumed to /wmf/raw/webrequest/webrequest-mobile every 15 minutes

April 25[edit]

  • 20:44 ottomata: starting hadoop
  • 20:34 ottomata: stopping hadoop to make config changes: 512 -> 200, 100 -> 10, jvm.reuse −1 -> 1

April 18[edit]

April 12[edit]

  • 17:44 ori-l-away: pressing left mouse button + space on stat1

April 10[edit]

  • 21:10 andrewbogott: testing logbot on a new host

March 14[edit]

  • 00:45 ottomata: upgraded to cdh4 4.2.0 :) :/
  • 00:41 average_drifter: started charting for each feature on stat1 (500M bump related)
  • 00:40 ottomata: restarting hadoop without mapred.job.tracker set to localhost:8021

March 12[edit]

  • 23:29 ottomata: restarting hadoop with mapreduce.job.reuse.jvm.num.tasks set to 1

February 2[edit]

  • 20:44 milimetric: Limn production build can now be done automatically via coke build && coke bundle

February 1[edit]

  • 23:50 andrewbogott: testing number two
  • 23:32 andrewbogott: testing number one

January 31[edit]

  • 22:47 ottomata: deployed tab as separator to all frontend cache servers, modified udp2log server filters to DEAL WITH IT!
  • 21:15 drdee: deployed version 0.3.22 of udp-filter on emery, locke and oxygen. This version accept field-delimiter flag.
  • 21:12 ottomata: hiii
  • 17:45 milimetric: Released version 0.6.0 of Limn

January 30[edit]

January 28[edit]

  • 20:10 ottomata: Modified webrequest-mobile udp2log filters to produce based on frontend server hostname (^cp104[1-4]) rather than domain.

January 27[edit]

  • 23:10 drdee: enabled sampling on Thank_You_Main and a country filter on Emery

January 25[edit]

  • 16:57 ottomata: now collecting X-CS logs into kraken

January 24[edit]

  • 21:55 milimetric: Limn released a new version to dev with bar graph support

January 18[edit]

  • 22:37 drdee: yesterday, deployed updated filter for webstatscollector to collect page view counts for

January 16[edit]

  • 15:37 ottomata: deployed new webstatscollector filter to collect stats on wikivoyage domains and restarted udp2log on locke

January 10[edit]

January 4[edit]

January 2[edit]

  • 22:16 ottomata: changed log formats to include Accept-Language and X-Carrier on all frontend cache servers