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Prefix: cr Required Rights: None POST Only? No

List revisions in CodeReview


  • limit – How many revisions to return. Type: limit
  • prop – Which properties to return.
Type: one of revid, status, commentcount, path, message, author, timestamp
  • repo (required) – Name of the repository. Type: string
  • revs – List of revisions to get information about. Overrides crstart. Type: integer
  • start – Timestamp to start listing at. Type: timestamp

Errors Codes[edit]

  • invalidrepo – Invalid repo ``repo''.
  • invalidtitle – Bad title ``title''.
  • invalidtitle – Bad title ``key''.
  • norepo – The repo parameter must be set.
  • norepo – The repo parameter must be set.
  • permissiondenied – You don't have permission to view code revisions.
  • readapidenied – You need read permission to use this module.