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Un (ro)bot és un programa informàtic que recupera o actualitza automàticament les pàgines wiki quan s'executa. En general, els bots s'utilitzen per a tasques de manteniment repetitives, quan el volum i les característiques són massa grans per a ser realitzades manualment pels usuaris.

El desenvolupament i l'execució dels bots queda normalment fora del paper dels usuaris normals, requereix una experiència en programació i s'ha de fer en coordinació amb els administradors del wiki.

Per defecte, les edicions dels bots estan ocults en Special:Recent changes.

Framework and interface for bot development[edit | edit source]

Bots do not access the wiki through the normal graphical user interface. MediaWiki has an API (Application Programming Interface) available for this purpose. An API is a protocol for standardized communication between two computer programs. Check API:Client code for more information.

To access a wiki through the API a bot must have a user account, which has been granted 'bot' permissions.

pywikibot[edit | edit source]

Pywikibot provides a framework for the development of bots, which are commonly used to perform maintenance tasks such as adding a footer to some categorized pages (add_text.py), adding some wikilinks (replace.py), moving old contents of talk pages to subpages (archivebot.py), editing categories (category.py), or managing templates (template.py).

wiki-java[edit | edit source]

wiki-java is a lightweight Java framework for bot/application development and can be used to perform various tasks, such as uploading files, adding text to articles, parsing templates, basic I/O, etc. The library also comes with simple, but powerful standalone bot methods that can be readily utilized by a programmer.

Extension alternatives[edit | edit source]

  • Extension:MassEditRegex provides an alternative way to perform mass edits using regular expressions, through a special page in the wiki. Only admins can normally use this extension.
  • Extension:ReplaceText is another option.

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