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Bot adalah suatu program komputer yang secara otomatis mengambil atau memperbarui laman wiki sewaktu dijalankan. Secara umum, bot digunakan untuk tugas pemeliharaan berulang yang volume dan karakteristiknya terlalu besar untuk dilakukan secara manual oleh pengguna.

Developing and executing bots is normally outside the role of normal users, requires programming experience and must be done in coordination with the wiki's admins.

Secara bawaan, suntingan bot disembunyikan di Special:Perubahan terbaru.

Kerangka kerja dan antarmuka pengembangan bot[edit | edit source]

Bots do not access the wiki through the normal graphical user interface. MediaWiki has an API (Application Programming Interface) available for this purpose. An API is a protocol for standardized communication between two computer programs. Check API:Client code for more information.

To access a wiki through the API a bot must have a user account, which has been granted 'bot' permissions.

pywikibot[edit | edit source]

Pywikibot provides a framework for the development of bots, which are commonly used to perform maintenance tasks such as adding a footer to some categorized pages (, adding some wikilinks (, moving old contents of talk pages to subpages (, editing categories (, or managing templates (

wiki-java[edit | edit source]

wiki-java is a lightweight Java framework for bot/application development and can be used to perform various tasks, such as uploading files, adding text to articles, parsing templates, basic I/O, etc. The library also comes with simple, but powerful standalone bot methods that can be readily utilized by a programmer.

Ekstensi MassEditRegex[edit | edit source]

  • Extension:MassEditRegex provides an alternative way to perform mass edits using regular expressions, through a special page in the wiki. Only admins can normally use this extension.
  • Extension:ReplaceText is another option.

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